WWE’s NXT Lindsay Hayward got fired

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Lindsay Hayward is an American female wrestler. Currently, she signed with WWE and is to be a part of NXT season 3. On Last Tuesday, Lindsay Hayward has been dropped from NXT contract because of her few racy photos which shows Hayward being engaged in gay situations with another woman of a very small height.

Lindsay Hayward Fired

Lindsay Hayward is famous as WWE Aloisia and Isis the Amazon. She is a 6-9 tall and her weight is 240 pound. She was paired with pro Vickie Guerrero, who makes her first appearance a new ‘Rookie Diva’ on tonight’s show. As per official report, Lindsay Hayward was ‘not ready’ to appear on the show which came up as nothing but an excuse after the real information has been unveiled. Many images of Lindsay Hayward were found all over on the internet that describes erotic content associated with the giant woman.

Lindsay Hayward’s racy photos which are in ‘erotic positions’ were publicized under the name of Tall Amazons Erotica and show Hayward (Aloisia). There were also rumored to be photos of her with a smaller blond woman. The photo of Hayward and the woman did not look real because Howard has a huge size. In 2009, however, the WWE changed to a TV-PG rating. So, this may also be the reason of let her go by NXT.

Hayward responded via her official website with the following comment: When I first received my offer from WWE, they asked me to fill out a “Talent Information Form” providing them with information about myself and my background. One of the questions was, “Have you ever posed nude?” I answered “No” to this question, because that’s the truth. If they had asked me if I ever posed suggestively, I would of course have answered “Yes”, but there’s a big difference between suggestive and nude. As to the question of whether this was why they took me off the show, that’s something you’d have to ask them. Perhaps it was a factor in their decision, but I honestly don’t know their entire thought process, as they’ve communicated very little to me about this. From what I’ve been reading on various blogs, it seems that they may have had a political motivation to get me off the show, but again, you’d have to ask them.

She also provides a link to the photos in question explaining that: “I’m posting the link because the pictures are already out there, so there’s no point in trying to hide them. I find them embarrassing, not because they’re particularly “erotic”, but because I was overweight and out-of-shape when they were taken five years ago and because they’re amateurishly shot.

Video of Lindsay Hayward photos from YouTube:

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