WWE Bragging Rights Live update : Results & Highlights

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One of the most expected professional wresting events, WWE Bragging Rights 2010 was held on Sunday October 24. The second Bragging Rights took place at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota and broadcasted live and available as pay-per-view (PPV). The wresting event featured wrestlers from team Raw and team SmackDown for Bragging Rights. Total seven matches were included in WWE Bragging Rights 2010. The match was begun by Dolph Zigler and Daniel Bryan. Here is provided WWE Bragging Rights 2010 updates, results and highlights.

In the WWE Bragging Rights show, the Miz’s Team Raw fought against The Big Show’s Team Smackdown and also on the card, Nexus lackey John Cena stood in Wade Barrett’s corner during the NXT winner’s championship match against Randy Orton. The match between Dolph Zigler and Daniel Bryan was won by Bryan. The 14-man Inter-promotional Elimination Tag Team match was won by team SmackDown after defeating team Raw.

WWE Bragging Rights 2010 Results:

Raw vs. Smackdown Match

Competitors: US Champion Daniel Bryan vs. IC Champion Dolph Ziggler

Daniel Bryan started the match by locking in a heel hook. But Ziggler got the ropes and escaped the floor. Then he back in to the ring and hit Bryan by the single leg and covers for 1. Daniel Bryan was chanting when Ziggler tried to lock in the sleeper. Almost Bryan received the LeBell lock but Ziggler to the floor and tried for more wrestling and reversal. After that Bryan reached on the apron and leapt over Vickie and NAILS Ziggler with the flying knee. After coming back in to the ring, Bryan took dropkick and Ziggler fell on the floor. Ziggler kicked and a cover for 2. But in that match, Ziggler got less cover than Bryan. Bryan turned, fight, however Ziggler drew him to the mat. Then Ziggler got blocked in the LaBell lock for the submission. Ziggler and Vicki were screaming besides the ref while Bryan kicked them beyond the ring. And the match finished and United States Champion Daniel Bryan received title of the winner by defeating Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler in a Non-Title Match.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

WWE Tag Team Championship Match

Competitors: Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre vs. David Otunga & John Cena

David Otunga started by booting Cody, but Drew McIntyre tagged in and hit him down in the corner. Then the Cody tagged back in. McIntyre was also tagged back and they hit to Otunga in the corner. McIntyre covered up for 2. Otunga rolled and tagged Cena in. Cena wrestled back, stalling suplex followed and a cover for 2. After that Otunga back in and demanded for Cena tag, but Cody attacked on Cena and took home in the corner and McIntyre hit him down and McIntyre covered for 2. Cena was booted by McIntyre in the face. Cena stood with Cody on his back and fell back to break the hold and blocked Shoulder. Otunga needed the tag and five knuckle shuffled connect and Cena followed to Cody. McIntyre kicked for the DDT and tossed to the ground but Cody blind tagged in. Cena challenged cross Rhodes and got STF on Cody for hit out and won. And lastly the Otunga took the belts like he did all the work. Otunga held an AA for his problems and Cena got both titles.

Winner: David Otunga & John Cena

Singles match

Competitors: Ted DiBiase w/Maryse vs. Goldust w/Aksana:

Starting of the match, Ted got rights and he hit Goldust in the corner but rights by Goldust in back. Then Goldust butted and Ted moved to the floor. Goldust tracked, slammed Ted to the barrier and then gets tossed back into the ring. Goldust got dropkick by Ted and Ted cover 2. Mid-south fist fell by Ted, and a neck breaker followed and a cover for 2. Atomic dropped, bulldog a cover for 2. Goldust missed the cross body and rolls to the floor, off the ropes. Goldust climbed on top and leapt and dropkick and Ted covers for 2. In to the corner, a beat, and then they collided and both fell down on the floor. Maryse and Aksana fight on the floor, Maryse threw Aksana into the ring. Then ref confirmed on her, Goldust then over to confirm, Ted nailed him from behind and hit DDT on a kneeling Goldust for the win. Ted DiBiase became winner of the match.

Winner: Ted DiBiase

Divas Championship Match

Competitors: Layla vs. Natalya

In the Divas Championship Match, Fireman’s carried by Natalya, leg kicked by Layla and then Layla was countered by Natalya for a stalling suplex. She covered for 2. Layla kicked Natalya to the floor. Then Natalya drew her to the floor and threw her back in. McCool want to boot Natalya, and get beat into the barricade. Natalya departed in ring, but McCool directed to pull her back to the floor. Then Layla carried her back in, dropkick to the back and a cover for 2. Clothesline by Natalya gets a cover for 2. Off the ropes, clubbing forearm by Natalya and butterfly suplex followed. Natalya hit in to the corner and was booted by Layla. At Sharp Shooter time, McCool pulled Layla to the floor and she took the title and tried for leaving. Layla reached on the apron, Natalya over, boot to the head by McCool and Layla covered for the win.

Winner: Layla

World Title Buried Alive Match

Competitors: Kane w/Paul Bearer vs. The Undertaker

Undertaker slammed Kane. Then Undertaker hit Kane down in the corner and to the floor they went and then Kane handled some rights and slammed Undertaker into the barricade. They brawl into the crowd, Undertaker with rights and booted to Kane on the steps. After that big rights by Undertaker, clinch and knees followed. VINTAGE Undertaker legs fell on the apron to Kane and he placed on the announcers table and tossed the top into the ring and gets a chair. Kane ran, Undertaker followed him to the floor. Then they back in ringside and more rights by Undertaker where Kane gets a chair and nails Undertaker. With the chair, Kane stifle out Undertaker and tried to the gut and then the back by Kane and Chokeslam by Kane. One more chokeslam by Kane, and he tried to pull Undertaker to the grave. Kane caught Undertaker up and carried him to the grave, Undertaker fell down out and rights by Kane. Then Undertaker returned with rights.

Kane ran to the grave, Undertaker followed him and big boot by Kane later then throwing dirt in Undertaker’s eyes. Kane pulled Undertaker in to the grave. Kane battled, tapped. Paul Bearer is up on the grave site and when Undertaker saw him, he turned down from Undertaker, but Undertaker slammed his face into the dirt and appeared for a chokeslam. Then Kane came up from the grave as Nexus to beat down Undertaker. They caught Undertaker, and Kane Nails Undertaker with the pot. He rolled into the grave. Nexus started to hide the Undertaker but Kane prevented them. He told to them for leaving and setting off his pyro. Then for the win, Kane did “magic” to create the structure truck leave all of the dirt onto the grave burying Taker. Lastly, Kane was declared winner by defeating Undertaker in a Buried Alive Match.

Winner: Kane

Bragging Rights Elimination Tag Team Match

Competitors: Team Raw (Captain Miz, Sheamus, John Morrison, C.M. Punk, R-Truth, Santino and Ezekiel Jackson) Vs. Team Smackdown (Captain Big Show, Rey Mysterio, Jack Swagger, Alberto Del Rio, Edge, Tyler Reks, and Kofi Kingston)

Tyler Reks and Morrison started the match. Reks pinned Santino, motherfucker. The announcers were already disagreed. Rights by Morison, trips by Reks and they covered for 2. Then big shoulders blocked by Reks, and covered for 2. Double team, saluting splash by Santno gets 2. At Cobra time, Reks went down him with a forearm. Reks-Plex connected and Santino was gone at 3:00.

Jackson was off the ropes and a back elbow by Jackson. Reks returned off and tagged in Show. Knee to the gut followed, and then chops. More chops, to the corner and slammed by Show. Tags in Rey, springboard leg drop got 2. Tag to Kofi, they double team him, but Jackson staged them both. Clothesline by Kofi, Boom drop connected. Miz distracted Kofi, but he received the SOS on Sheamus for 2. Leaping corner mount by Kofi, crotched by Sheamus, Celtic Cross lands and that was all for Kofi at 7:00.

CM Punk chanted, kicks by Rey. To the corner, boot by Rey, snap slam by Punk and covered 2. Tag to Sheamus, short armed clothesline to Rey covered 2. Tag back to Punk, boot by Rey, off the ropes and Alberto tagged himself in. Alberto got shoved into Rey by Punk, and Alberto kicked Punk to the floor.

Morrison was slammed by Swagger and Swagger covered for 2. Swagger went for the Vader splash, countered, appeared for the ankle lock; Morrison escaped and then kicked Swagger in the head. Then Reks was back in. Sheamus missed the charge and clothesline by Reks. Clubbing turned to Morrison on the apron, Big Boot by Sheamus and Reks was done at 15:00. Truth was in for the first time and Edge took shim to the corner. Truth battled back with the leg lariat and clothesline. Spear by Edge and Truth was gone at 17:00. When Punk in, Alberto tagged in as Edge missed the spear on Punk. Alberto in control, counter and backslide by Punk and Alberto was gone at 19:00.

Edge battled off Punk, then Miz in the ring and stopped Edge from tagging in Rey. He attacked on Edge, Miz was overwhelming chant. Then tag back to Jackson, he choked out Edge and then slammed Edge down. Drops the elbow and covered for 2. Tag back to Miz, in and covered for 2. Punk missed the corner knee, Powerbomb by Edge. Both were down here, and Edge managed to tag in Rey. Punk grabbed up Rey, GTS countered and they trade pinning countered. Splash by Rey and Punk was gone at 24:00.

Then Jackson and Miz fight with Edge and Rey. Jackson in and beat down Rey. Off the ropes, a shoulder blocked by Jackson and fell Rey. Jackson slammed Rey to the corner, boot by Rey and he dropkicked Jackson into the ropes. Jackson caught him up, countered DDT by Rey. Miz attacked Rey, but Riley blocks it, and DDT countered by Miz got 2. Miz followed Rey, but Rey controlled the tag. Spear by Edge. The team SmackDown has defeat team Raw in a 7-on-7 Tag Team Elimination Match.

Winner: Team Smackdown (Rey and Edge Survive)

WWE Title Match:

Competitors: Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett w/John Cena

In WWE’s main of the evening, Randy Orton fought with Wade Barrett w/John Cena. In the starting of the match, they battled to a corner, and then came back across the ring to another corner. Barrett missed a right and rights by Orton attach as he beat him down in the corner. Uppercut by Orton, slammed Barrett to the corner. Then sidekick by Barrett, tossed Orton to the floor, and he stared down with Cena, who stood there and did nothing with his sad puppy dog eyes. Barrett to the floor and gave Cena a stern looking too. After that Barrett returned into the ring and took Orton in to the corner. Knee drop connected and then another, covered for 2. Barrett took Orton down, laid the boots to him and laid in some rights and backed off. Uppercuts follow, but Barrett turned the tide by tossing him into the barricade. Then they came back into the ring, Barrett laid the boots into Orton. Jabs by Barrett, fell Orton and covered for 2. Barrett worked the headlock, knees follow and then Orton backside with rights, however Barrett received a pump handle slammed and covered for 2. Barrett again in to the headlock, grounds Orton. Orton worked to his feet, elbows out, rights to Barrett.

Barrett to the apron, Orton grabbed him and went for the hangman’s DDT but Barrett escaped. Barrett demands for Cena to help him, Cena to the apron, and Orton slammed Barrett into Cena. 3.0 back breakers to Barrett by Orton and Nexus were out. They attacked on Orton in gang style, and were beating him down. Cena in and began to attack on Nexus. Cena cleaned house, and Barrett and Cena disagreed. He told Cena to get out from the ring, as Cena said that he was not struggling to catch Barrett DQ’d. Barrett has Orton up, Orton escaped, clothesline to Barrett. Snap slam by Orton and he grabbed Barrett on the apron, hangman’s DDT connected. Orton placed for the RKO, Cen in the ring and grabbed Barrett, and gave the Attitude Adjustment to Barrett which was DQ. Earlier than the match, Barrett declared that if he will not win, then he would fire Cena. Cena determinedly attacked Barrett to cost Orton the match, gave Barrett the win, and saved his job. Wade Barrett and John Cena beat WWE Champion Randy Orton by disqualification.

Winner: Wade Barrett

WWE Bragging Rights 2010 Results HD video from youtube:

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