World Cup Extra Time Rules made USA vs Ghana match interesting

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USA vs Ghana 2010 FIFA World Cup match was quite impressive due to World Cup Extra Time Rules were added. According to rules on the second round, there was an extra time added to the game.

World Cup Extra Time or Overtime Rules

As we talking about World Cup Extra Time Rules it’s quite interesting matter to avoid draw match between two teams in any sports game. World Cup Overtime or Extra time Rules are basically applied if both teams have the same score after 1 and a half hour of continues play. You might wanna check out and read below to get updated on the final stages of the tournament and what rules are applied when both teams are on overtime.

To know more about the Golden Goal and the World Cup Extra Time Rules, please read the following statements carefully especially the rules on the tournament:

1) After 90 minutes of play, if BOTH teams are still tied, two 15 minute periods will be played. The 2nd 15 minute is NOT required if a team is ahead after the 1st 15 minutes of play.

2) There is NO Golden goal rule in this tournament. This means that the 1st team that scores DOES NOT mean that they are the outright winner. Both teams must play the entire allotted time.

3) If BOTH teams are still tied after the two 15 minute periods, penalty kicks are used to determine the outcome of the game.

Hopefully this clears up the question on what are the World Cup Extra Time Rules or Over Time Rules because this has been a trending topic in the internet where people are searching for relevant information and very few provides it.

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