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Mugetsu’ is the character of the video game ‘The Bouncer’ and right now, this topic is hot in search on the internet. ‘The Bouncer’ is a game with its own set of interesting antagonists and mugetsu is a great example of the token deranged antagonist.  You will stumble upon Mugetsu a few times while playing the game as he is one of the bosses fought soon after in The Bouncer. In the game, his personality is quite the memorable.


Dauragon C. Mikado is the leader of the secret and the main antagonistin the storyline of The Bouncer and Mugetsu is the right-hand man Mikado. In the Mikado Corporation, Mugetsu is the second-in-command. Mugetsu would be the one in charge when something should be happened to Dauragon. He is the leader of the Mikado Special Forces (MSF) which seems suggestive of the Tekken Forces from the Mishima Zaibatsu in the “Tekken” series. Mugetsu is a cyborg and in order to become more powerful, he endured cybernetic enhancements.

Mugetsu be off his rocker as he taken the cybernetic enhancements. Mugetsu is a ninja on a funny note. Mugetsu be short of the mindset of a ninja regarding personality. Generally, ninjas are calm and collected, making Mugetsu quite the interesting character keep away from antagonist.

As a look-wise, Mugetsu is a cross between a biker and a ninja. He worn completely leather outfit. It is an impressive ninja outfit. He has also an interesting hairstyle. Somewhat, he appeared as a futuristic ninja. But, Mugetsu would not be capable to hold a candle to Yoshimitsu from the Tekken series.

On talking to the fighting style, Mugetsu is fast and nimble. He fights similar to a true ninja.  Also, he has his own original fighting techniques.  After beating the game, you can unlock Mugetsu.  You do run into Mugetsu several times all through the game.  To kidnap Dominique, Mugetsu sends out the MSF. Ultimately, Mugetsu does meet his fate by receiving burnt to a crisp by the rocket propeller.

After beating the game, you can play as Mugetsu in the survival mode and the free-for-all mode. Mugetsu is nice-looking fun to play as for the most part. Really, he does play like a true ninja character doing all kinds of acrobatic feats. Mugetsu seems interesting enough in general but it seems implausible that there will be a sequel. Mugetsu may have faded into darkness in this point of view.


  1. Me says:

    Wrongg Mugetsu. “Mugetsu” is a hot search because of the manga Bleach. Look it up.

  2. vampirebuster666 says:

    this mugetsu thing…. haha.. it might be related to the bleach manga 420 translation that was just released today. Ichigo’s new form is called mugetsu :P. I dont think the searches are related to this topic. but yeah.. its your analytics site.. and you can say whatever floats your boat . 😛

  3. Johnny C. says:

    well when people are searching for “Mugetsu” its not regarding this character at all. It’s regarding the manga or anime series called Bleach. The main protagonist named Ichigo Kurosaki learns a final move called Mugetsu, which translated means “moonless night”. You can find the Bleach manga at any manga website just google “Bleach 420”. So not to be mean, but Rakesh needs to do a little more research before posting any articles.

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