Vanquish Pangloss Statue: Walkthrough & Locations Guide

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Get the Vanquish Pangloss statue walkthrough and location guide detail to play the game very easily. Vanquish is great third-person shooter video game, which has been released on 19th October, 2010. It is developed by Platinum Games and published by Sega for the Xbox 360. The game is equipped with total 5 locations, in which you will get up to 20 missions for playing the game.

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The latest sci-fi shooter game is directed by Shinji Mikami, who is the creator of the Resident Evil series. In the game, players play the role of Sam, a government agent kitted out with a futuristic battlesuit. The player has a selection of martial arts skills that he can use to take down his robot enemies. Through the enormous fight your way, open environments of the space station. The walkthrough of the Vanquish game tells the story of the battle for Earth which is to be clashed in space between two global superpowers.

The Vanquish story focuses on the near future. United States and Russia are competing for possession of the world’s fast-depleting force resources and the US has built a space station to harness energy from the sun. Russian military uses this space station and deflects its harvests solar power in to discharge gesture that destroys San Francisco, planning to force the US into a total and unconditional surrender. The character of the game Sam is Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) researcher, which is made with Augmented Reaction Suit (ARS), a cutting-edge mechanical suit outfitted with an enormous collection of functions, including jet boosters connected to both arms and legs. Sam is equipped with a new weapon system called BLADE, which is capable of looking any presenting weapon and then converting into a perfect replica of that weapon.

Vanquish Pangloss Statue Location wise walkthrough details:

Act 1:

Pangloss Statues 1: Before descending through the trench-tunnel, stop and go around 180 degrees. The statue is over the entry way, Sam just came from.

Pangloss Statues 2: After, before or during fighting with the Argus WMD robot, you can get this statue. From the upper balcony, find the exit airlock then place it to Sam’s front and the plaza behind. Look to Sam’s left; the statue is on the land near a cargo container.

Vanquish Pangloss Statue: Walkthrough & Locations Guide

Pangloss Statues 3: Inside the room, you will get two weapon boxes. From the first box, you will get the grounded transport. Transports are the red R.I. shipping hovercraft you devastate through the game.

Pangloss Statues 4: At the beginning of the mission, back into the past the heavy machine gun drop-pod and check the blazing vehicle debris. Get the statue atop a flaming APC from the left side of the roadblock.

Pangloss Statues 5: A statue is located in the corner of the platform near the elevator where Professor Candide first appears. You may want to beat the Romanov but run off the rest of the smaller R.I. around so you do not go discovering with Zaitsev buzzing you the whole time.

Act 2:

Pangloss Statues 1: Before going to the airlock, past the first R.I. roadblock, go on right side and investigate the cul-de-sac formed by the flaming wreckage and the fortress wall and get statue.

Pangloss Statues 2: After crashing of the train, return to the train and stand beside the right turret. Beside this is a break in the train’s restraining wall. Guard through there and pan your view all the way down. The statue is located in a door under the train. Be sure to criticize it rapidly before Sam is driven off the train by the cut-scene.

Vanquish Pangloss Statue: Walkthrough & Locations Guide

Pangloss Statues 3: As Sam begins the task, there is a neighboring platform from where he collides. There remains a marine drop ship; the statue is atop this exacting wreck.

Pangloss Statues 4: After Sam bypass throughout the first gate at the bottom of the hill, turn right to the sniper rifle drop pod. The statue is located on the fortress structure between the drop pod and weapon box (eye level). Place the drop pod at the back of the Sam and you can see a cracked ramp; the statue is situated at the lip of this ramp.

Pangloss Statues 5: Examine the Weapon box near the Disk Launcher’s drop pod. The statue is located on the fortress structure. If you take the pick up with Burns and his buddies, then you missed it.

Pangloss Statues 6: On debris hill, head for the exit. Before going inside the building, look exterior and down the hill. The Act one six statue is located on a precipice in front of the exit.

Act 3:

Pangloss Statues 1: This location starts with plaza. Place the marine dropships back to the Sam and the flames in the distance on the forward/left; walk towards the T-shaped channel on the plaza ground. The statue is quite visible if you do that.

Pangloss Statues 2: At this location, you will pass a store called Cafecito Cuban Cafes from the shopping mall. The statue is located in the pet cage at the store front right side. If you go into the pick up with Burns and his buddies, then you missed it.

Vanquish Pangloss Statue: Walkthrough & Locations Guide

Pangloss Statues 3: After taking down the light transport and permitting the R.I. jetbikers to pass, the monorail slogs progress towards the exit. Zoom forward with the sniper ransack and put the beam behind a pair of rocket turrets at the top of the exit arch/tunnel; the statue is situated at the left side of the pair’s left turret.

Pangloss Statues 4: Sam travels three cargo crane-hoists near from the top of the Freon to reach the battle with the second Unknown. At this location, you can shoot the statue after traveling the first cargo hoist. The statue is across the platform with the weapon pods. Alternately, when you are in the middle of the four weapon drop pods, you can shoot the statue, but before traveling the final, lift to the mini-boss room.

Act 4:

Pangloss Statues 1: At the beginning of the mission, pursue the streamright to a toppled park sign. The statue is in an unapproachable area just past this sign.

Pangloss Statues 2: Beat the Buzzard but do not enter into the dam control building. From your starting place (bridge), check out the green container.

Pangloss Statues 3: As you drop the wreckage to the clearing where the buzzsaw tank and Romanovs will attack, appear around to the other side. At this location, you will see the statue from the left of a second story fire. If you crash all the way down, then you can still shoot this statue, but may need a sniper rifle to do so.

Pangloss Statues 4:
At the control panel, you can open the big door to leave the area, turn to left side without passing through the door. When you get to the corner, see in the debris for the statue.

Pangloss Statues 5: In the first zero-G space, stop at the first gate and turn right 90 degrees. The statue is located on tube raised wall.

Pangloss Statues 6: At the beginning of the second Zero-Groom, find the Lock-On Laser drop pod and appear for a saying “ZERO GRAVITY AREA ALPHA”. The statue is on the wall past this described sign.

Act 5:

Pangloss Statues 1: At the beginning of the mission, disregard D.GRASSI and the marines at the door and find the weapon box on the walkway. The statue is situated besides this box.

Pangloss Statues 2: In the room, descend the stairs to the weapons box. The two statues are located in this room.

Pangloss Statues 3: At the beginning of the mission, with 4 weapons drop pods, Sam is in a corridor. Do not go on further. Instead, turn around 180 degrees and look up. You will see two statues.

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