Terrell Brown – The tallest football player ever seen

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Terrell Brown, football player with 6-foot-11 and 390 pounds is considered as a tallest man. According to The Clarion-Ledger, he is “almost too huge to play football.” People were going to make a joke about Terrell straining to water Mssr. Brown being the tallest guy in his high school or something, but that’s probably too close to the truth to be funny.

Terrell Brown - The tallest football player ever seen

If the 6-11/390 measurements are accurate, Brown is without question the tallest football player I’ve ever heard of. He’s also only a few donuts away from the mythical 400-pound mark, reportedly achieved by a handful of immobile heavyweights over the years – most notably Gilbert Brown, Leonard Davis and Terrence Cod. Even if Brown eats his way to one-fifth of a ton (he’s already listed in less reliable corners of the web as high as 410), he’s unlikely to ever match the unofficial record for gridiron heft. That mark was established by former Wisconsin behemoth Aaron Gibson, who allegedly arrived in Madison weighing 435 pounds in 1995. (Though I could conceivably see Brown, like Gibson, eventually requiring a custom-made helmet he has to carry around to each new team for his entire career, because no standard models will fit his head.)

As for his prospects as a player, well, there’s a reason he’s walking on. Brown’s football experience is “very limited,” according to co-offensive coordinator Mike Markuson. That may be something of an overstatement. Brown transferred to Ole Miss from Mississippi Delta Community College, but isn’t listed on the 2009 MDCC roster and has no profile on any of the major recruiting sites. Like more celebrated Rebel predecessor Michael Oher, he seems to be a giant who appeared from nowhere.

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  1. leroy prewitt says:

    well he’s big, but i think my little is bigger.thomas cunningham he’s 6’11 442 pounds. and is walking on at washburn university in topeka kansas in the fall of 2011…

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