Spatial Thinking Puzzle Dimension game is coming to iPhone, iPad and Android

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The spatial thinking Puzzle Dimension game will also be released for Mac on August 25th. Versions of Puzzle Dimension game are in development for
consoles and the mobile platforms iPhone, iPad and Android.

Puzzle Dimension game

Puzzle Dimension is a puzzle game where the player exercises the spatial thinking. The player is invited to 100 unique labyrinth-like structures which become more and more challenging. In Puzzle Dimension gravity is depending on your movements, up and down are relative terms. Classic game play elements such as fire, ice, spikes, buttons and hidden sections give the player a diverse range of problems and satisfying eureka moments.

The abstract game world is visualized by the in-house engine which allows the audiovisuals to blend depending on the player’s progress. The audiovisuals blend between 8-bit chip-tunes and pixel-like visuals to crystal clear music and high end graphics.


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