Ryan Grant’s Ankle injury – Clay Matthews Save match

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Ryan Grant had an ankle injury and Clay Matthews saved the match with a critical hit on fourth down, incarceration a victory on the opening weekend of the campaign. Ryan Grant missed the entire second half Sunday.

Grant was named a back-up alternate with teammates Chad Clifton, A.J. Hawk, and Clay Matthews for the 2010 Pro Bowl. Grant was playing against the Philadelphia Eagles with the Green Bay Packers he got an ankle injury while playing and did not return on September 12, 2010 at about 4:30 P.M.


Mike McCarthy said, “Ryan Grant had an ankle sprain, and he did not return, so I can’t tell you exactly how long he’ll be out. Also, Cullen Jenkins had a broken hand, he did return with a cast. Justin Harrell, it looked like he had a significant knee injury and he did not return. And Nick Collins had the bruised ribs there in the fourth quarter and he did return.

The biggest part of an offense is Grant that has Green Bay pointed in the right direction and among the sexy picks to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. The team faces many difficulties in the absence of Ryan Grant. It was not for the emergence of Brandon Jackson, who filled in admirably as the Packers held on to fend off the Eagles.

Yet, it is not cleared anything about the victory, as Michael Vick came on in relief of injured Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb and erased most of a double-digit deficit, but Matthews made the defensive play of the game by standing Vick up on a fourth-and-short play with less than two minutes to go.

In the NFC, it was an interesting match of two teams that figure to be factors. The play of Green Bay was patchy, but they showed glimpses of the team that many figure to be dominant. As it wasn’t Kolb, the Eagles were even more of a riddle that the heir apparent to Donovan McNabb’s throne, that led the comeback but rather Vick, creating perhaps the last thing Philly needs right now – a quarterback controversy after week one.

Ryan Grant wanted to return but unfortunately it is not clear about Grant. As he was pacing up-and-down the sidelines for the entire 2nd half, but the medical staff took away his helmet so he wouldn’t. He did have a boot on by the end of the game, but he was still wearing both shoes during the third quarter. Everyone will be watching to see how his ankle responds to treatment next week.

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