NFL Battel of Archie Manning’s Son – Eli & Peyton

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For much-ballyhooed Battle of the NFL, Peyton and Eli Manning take the field Sunday in Manning Bowl II. Archie and his wife, Olivia, plan to keep quiet to watch their two boys in Sunday night’s showdown between the New York Giants and Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium. Elder brother, Cooper Manning who had won 2 Super Bowl NFL quarterbacks is acutely interested as he is the sole person who can accurately say “Whassup little bro?”

The eldest of the three Manning boys is in a bit of a bind in terms of a rooting interest. Does he pull for kid brother Peyton or for even younger brother Eli? Peyton vs. Eli, the Rematch is one of this season’s feature attractions in the football world. Two of the league’s top teams and best quarterbacks will be pitted in the ground against one another, giving everyone an early season opportunity to perceive how they match up.

Manning Bowl I became a publicity fest for many in the national sports media, which pitted Peyton Manning (the Indianapolis Colts) against Eli Manning (the New York Giants) at the Meadowlands on Sept. 10, 2006. Peyton and Eli are the only pair of brothers ever to reach the pinnacle of the NFL at the league’s glamour position. In 2007, Peyton led the Colts to a Super Bowl win and little brother Eli followed one year afterward.

Their parents, Archie Manning and Olivia will be the special guest referee in this week’s game at the Lucas Oil Stadium but eldest brother Cooper will not be around. Under Peyton Manning’s leadership, the Colts should snag the Giants. It would be a steel cage match (the old school blue kind) if this was a vintage WWF main event.

Cooper says, “It could be worse. It’s not a boxing match. It’s a football game. I’m glad it’s early in the season, and not a pivotal Week 14 matchup. I’m glad they’re not in the same division. I’m so proud of both of them, and it’s pretty neat that they’re onstage for all to see. If I have to deal with three awkward hours every four years, so be it.”

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