Kyle Busch & Sam Sarcinella in Reality Series ‘Riding Shotgun’ on ESPN

Posted by Vinay Sojitra on Sep 16, 2010 | 1 Comment

‘Riding Shotgun’ is the new reality series from ESPN which features the lives of Kyle Busch and Kyle Busch’s soon to be Wife Samantha Sarcinella. People desire to know who Kyle Busch’s wife is. ESPN2 is trying to answer those questions, Samantha Sarcinella is not actually his wife but she is his fiancée. ‘Riding Shotgun’, a five part television series is being shown all this week.

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Apparently, the show is believed to be focused on the life of Kyle Busch. However, his wife Samantha ends up receiving a large amount of camera time. The show is started on 13th September, and runs until 17th September on ESPN 2. The series documents the life of Busch starting this past weekend at the NASCAR Sprint Cub Series raced at Richmond International Raceway and continue they prepare for their wedding.


The show is almost in real time unlike most reality TV shows and gives viewers almost a live look at the couple’s life. It has unprecedented production turnaround with some footage being shot less than 24 hours. Samantha is very attractive and appears as although she is trying to get her name out there so as to possibly get some future gigs on TV or the big screen.

For the Sprint Cup ranked fourth, Busch enters the Chase and the first race starts on Sunday, Sept. 19, at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Some funny exchanges are shared by this pair for example when they look through a photo album and Busch tells Sarcinella, “You look like a hooker.” On replying, she tells, “We won’t be sending that one to my grandmother.”

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  1. Domenick Nati says:


    September 15, 2010 –Samantha Sarcinella, future wife of NASCAR Driver Kyle Busch and co-star of ESPN’s “Riding Shotgun”, has announced today that she will be pursuing her modeling and acting career full time. Samantha began her career as a teenager earning impressive credits as: a promotional model for Sprint, Allstate, Miller Lite, Jim Beam, and Kellogg; a runway model for Harley Davidson; and a swimsuit model in the hit movie, Batman Begins.

    Samantha has always believed that an education lasts longer than good looks. This mentality helped her earn a B.S. in psychology from Purdue University and she is now pursuing her master’s in industrial and organizational psychology from Austin Peay State University.

    Today Samantha can be seen as the official bikini model for 17th Street surf wear. Her flattering figure and beautiful face can easily be viewed on large banners in all of their retail stores as well as the homepage of the company’s website. You may have also seen her on the cover of Women’s World magazine, Entertainment Tonight, NASCAR Illustrated, or national TV commercials for Z-Line Designs.

    In a recent interview, Samantha was asked to describe her greatest accomplishment, reporters were pleasantly surprised when she said her greatest joy was helping less fortunate children through The Kyle Busch Foundation. Here, Samantha uses her business background and genuine love for children to raise money and donations for local orphanages. Over the past four years The Kyle Busch Foundation has donated over $250,000 to children in need.

    With her dream wedding rapidly approaching this December and with her daily responsibilities as creator and designer of “Rowdy Style” (Kyle’s popular clothing line), life can be a bit overwhelming, but no matter where she is or what she’s doing she always makes sure that every weekend is spent cheering her man at the race track.

    Ms. Sarcinella is available for interviews. For availability please contact Domenick Nati at 530.346.3342 or by email at for more information.

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