Halo Reach Ranks In Order for XBOX 360 Revealed

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Halo Reach Ranks, new system for XBOX 360 has been revealed so official Brady Games guide to Halo Reach is available on sale. People can get gaming tricks, which are impossible to get anywhere else, with this critically acclaimed Signature series, which comes with high quality strategy books revealing. The Ranking System in the Halo Reach Beta is based on Credits earned through multiplayer matches. For every match, credits are earned, plus you earn extra.

Earn Credits:

  • Finishing & Winning Games
  • Daily Challenges
  • Achievements
  • Commendations and MOAR:
    • Similar to challenges from MW2
    • Aggregating Awards and milestones
    • Example: Headshot Awards at 100, 500, 1000, max.

Basically, the ranking system in the previous halo trilogies is dead and 6” under. You are now faced with a new system called credits. With these credits you may rank up and purchase new armor and weapon upgrades. You can easily get the credits by skill, and can easily get items like these and more. First of all do not be a sore loser. If you quit the game, you lose a lot of points. But in order to boost your credits, you may do the following:

  • Get an achievement: getting an achievement in campaigns, private games, and matchmaking will boost your credits.
  • Bungie challengers: every week Bungie will make a credit challenge for every Halo Reach player to compete.
  • Medals and Challenges: players can get a perfection, killtacular, and extermination with a big bonus.
  • Campaign: players will boost their credits by competing levels on the campaign on Hard difficulties.

This rating system is very similar, if not the same as it was in Halo 2, If you reach a particular zenith in your MM rank plus you start to climb.

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