Halo Reach Armor Unlocks youtube Video leaked

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Recently a youtube video has been leaked which shows all the armor unlocks in Halo: Reach. You might have seen the video.  Halo Reach Armor Unlocks youtube Video contains lots of spoilers. The video is just over 4 minutes long and shows a walkthrough of the menus for upgrading your Spartan or Elite as well as “Armor Effects”.

Consider it a soft-spoiler if you will, something to hold you off until Halo: Reach launches in a couple weeks. A German website recently posted a video revealing, all(or at least most) armor and unlockables/upgrades. 

If you’ve seen the flaming helmet while popping around multiplayer you’ll need the Halo: Reach armor unlocks to get this free customization to your character. The Halo: Reach armor unlocks can be found by visiting facebook and redeeming a code from the Bungie page.

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Now however the code will allow everyone to get their hands on the special helmet. While this maybe to the detriment of the uniqueness of the flaming helmet it is yet another affirmation that Bungie holds its fans in high regard.

Halo Reach Armor Unlocks youtube Video

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