Free Alien swarm Game released with SDK

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Alien Swarm is a futuristic first-person top-down shoot-em-up shooter computer game and Source SDK release, developed by Valve Corporation. Valve released Alien Swarm as free full version game, increasing the number of free games on Steam. Alien Swarm was initially formed as a mod for Unreal Tournament 2004 by Black Cat, with four-player co-op top-down action. Two years ago Valve hired the capable team behind the popular top down co-op mod Alien Swarm. Since then they have been busy working on the Left 4 Dead sequence, and now Portal 2. Though we never forgot Alien Swarm and the team has spent a lot of time bringing the game to Source in between their contributions to the other Valve projects.

Both Valve and the original team have put together a very nice present for fans. The game has been updated to take benefit of the Source engine; it is free of charge, including the SDK. This release also features full Steam Cloud support, 64 achievements, and a match-making system. In other words, this is an incredibly full-featured release for fun, if challenging, game. It’s also hard to argue with the price. The game uses Valve’s Source engine and will include full steam support. The game is a co-op, top-down shooter with one primary focus, blowing up aliens. In the game you can play as one of eight different characters in one of four different classes using up to 40 different types of weapons and equipment. Players will gain experience and level up as they play unlocking different items along the way.

The new adaptation of top-down shooter Alien Swarm looks pretty damned fantastic. Along with the game, Valve also released the complete code base for Alien Swarm. This includes updates to the Source engine SDK and full Steamworks assimilation. If you have ever thought about developing a mod on the Source engine with Steamworks, this release provide more insight and examples for using Steamworks in game production. As it is complete code base game, you can really dig deep to see what makes everything tick. This is a great bonus for fans as well as a good excuse to get some friends together for a quick session tonight.

Alien Swarm also bring a few updates to the venerable graphics engine, like third person camera, depth of field, improved dynamic shadows and other gameplay additions. What is even more impressive about this incredible package is that it will be released for no money at all, making the Source engine the third professional 3D game making engine that is free to use, beside the Unity tools and the Unreal Development Kit.

Video of Alien Swarm from YouTube.

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