First Dragon Age 2 Gameplay Footage video leaked

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A video with first snap of the game from Dragon Age 2 leaked on YouTube. Now, fans of the dragon age game are enjoying this video on YouTube. The video created from the “Game City” meeting which is held from September 24 to 26 in Vienna.


Role-playing video game, Dragon Age is the developed by BioWare’s Edmonton studio and published by Electronic Arts. First Dragon Age 2 is the second part of the Dragon Age that is set for release in March 2011. Before its release, game’s developer plans to develop the universe introduced by the game were underway; this included sequels, paper and pen games, books, and comics that would expand the scope of the Dragon Age franchise. This video shows that the game character Hawke, the ‘Champion of Kirkwall’ and asskicker of the highest calibre, beating the snot out of a half-man, half-demon and other half-ram. Both character using their special magic powers, with more standard giant-pissing-swords.

At the starting of the video, you will see the character class selection, where players can decide their martial status either male or female. The character goes with the name Hawke in any case. Class selection also appeared, hence a warrior, a Rogue and a Mage Class already found their way into the game. At the last, you will see some images of the game fighting scenes. Finally, the special abilities, controlled by keyboard commands, seem to be more lithely too.

First Dragon Age 2 leaked video from youtube:

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