DeSean Jackson Concussion Video

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Wide receiver of NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles team, DeSean Jackson suffered a concussion during the second quarter of game against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday. In an unpleasant head-on collision, helmets of Atlanta Falcons’ Dunta Robinson butted with Jackson that caused little head injury to Dunta Robinson and Jackson became motionless on the field for several seconds. Watch DeSean Jackson concussion video below that is very devastating.

The coach of Philadelphia Eagles team, Andy Reid did not estimate how long Jackson might be sideline. He said to reporters on Monday, “He’s in the training room today. Up moving around, in good spirits. I’ll tell you, it would be a real stretch for him to make it this weekend.

Atlanta Falcons’ coach, Mike Smith was not sure about Robinson’s timeframe on Sunday. Smith said that the cornerback whom Atlanta signed as a free agent during the offseason, “He seems to be fine. It was a very violent collision. I saw him and knew he couldn’t return, and that’s all I really know.”

Network of NFL and FOX Sports’ Jay Glazer says Jackson has a “severe concussion” and suffered memory loss from the hit. In late November of 2009 match, against the Washington Redskins, due to concussion, Jackson missed one game. But this year, Jackson could be absent of action even longer. He cannot play until he has been cleared by a team doctor and an independent neurological advisor.

Jackson was having an admirable kick off the game with 78 total yards and two touchdowns. The Sunday match was won by Philadelphia Eagles by score 31-17. Robinson got a 15-yard penalty for hitting a defenseless receiver.

Before being helped from the field, both injured players remained the turf for few minutes. When Robinson hit by Jackson, he dropped a pass that led with his head and hit the receiver in the helmet. Robinson was signed for hitting a weak receiver.

At the time of the collision, Jackson had scored both of Philadelphia’s touchdowns, and the Eagles led the Falcons 14-0.

Eagles wide receiver, Jeremy Maclin said, “That was scary.”

When asked to Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb who was sidelined by a concussion after starting the season opener that what he would tell Jackson. He said, “Take it seriously because it is serious. I just felt so bad. I’m part of the play, and I never saw the guy. DeSean is a tough guy, and he’ll be out there as soon as he can. We got to take this concussion situation serious.”

After the game, Eagles owner Jeffey Lurie said that the league should take a tougher stance on helmet-to-helmet hits, including stiffer penalties. He said to USA Today, “It’s not something that should be in the game. It should be legislated out of the game.” Lurie also said that he didn’t think Robinson intended to knock Jackson out of the game, but said the league should discourage that from happening.

“I doubt that happened in this case,” Lurie said. “But going forward, we’ve got to protect players and penalize players who issue concussions. Every offseason we’ve got to make it the highest priority and we do. It’s just, ‘How far do we go?’ We’ve got to go even further than we have.

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