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Derek Jeter confessed that he was hit by a pitch during the Yankees Rays game Wednesday night, only it turns out he wasn’t actually hit.

You can see the ball hit his bat in replay but he did a fine job of acting hurt and was given the walk. From the game, The Rays manager got ejected when he argued too heatedly with the umpire about whether Jeter got hit or not, and it turns out he was right.

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Jeter squared to bunt against Qualls with one out in the frame, no one on and the Yankees trailing 2-1. The ball appeared to strike Jeter As he spun away from Qualls’ inside pitch but he instantly grabbed his left arm in apparent pain. Rays manager Joe Maddon argued leading to his ejection when Home plate umpire Lance Barksdale awarded Jeter first base however the New York shortstop didn’t argue.

Actually you might see this type of thing happening on the soccer field but you do not see it in baseball very often. Yankees and the Rays both are battling it out for division lead and Yankees have been on a losing streak in which they slipped drastically: overall 8 of 10. Thoughts were going through Jeter’s mind as he hopped around holding his arm. His Turns out acting job didn’t make any difference. The Rays still beat the Yankees, 4 to 3.

Jeter may be Sports illustrated’s reigning “Sportsman of the Year,” but much the way George Steinbrenner was, he can do everything to win. The approach steered him to the boundaries of baseball’s unwritten rules without actually going beyond them on Wednesday. Players are allowed in that code to sell phantom tags to umpires or to make believe a ball that was trapped was actually caught which allows a catcher to try to trick an umpire into calling a ball a strike.

Jeter represented the tying run in a taut game in which a player is allowed to pretend that a pitch hit him when it did not. The Fox baseball broadcaster Tim McCarver, a former major league catcher said “I cannot understand what the commotion is,” as he took stock of the uproar.
He said of Jeter’s actions “Why question that? “I can’t believe anyone would say that’s cheating.”

Minnesota Twins Manager Ron Gardenhire, whose team has lost frequently to Jeter’s Yankees in the postseason, agreed. He said “You have to be an actor in this game, you have to be. “It’s unfortunate, but it’s part of the game. Jeter, you could see him staring over there in the video, sly as a cat. It’s just the way it is. Call it what you want to call it, it happens. It’s happened forever.”

New York Yankees Vs Tampa Bay Rays Derek Jeter Gets hit with Ball video from youtube:

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  1. Frank says:

    Yankees cheat? No! Wait… They do!!! JETER DA CHEATER. Well the Rays won the game anyway and took 2 out of 3 in the series, so I guess the spoiled brat Yanks had to cheat and still couldn’t win. Ha!

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