DeMarcus Cousins with 5th Pick in NBA draft

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The Cousins’ distasteful work at the Arco Arena in the June 12 which convinced Sacramento’s front office to draft the 19-year-old who spent one year at Kentucky before bolting early for the NBA.

Cousins said “In the workout I just shot the ball real well”. “I don’t believe that’s something a lot of people knew I could do, because I played down low the whole season. I think that was a skill I showed them that they didn’t think I possessed.”

Paul Westphal, coach said “It changes our team quite a bit.” He added “We went from a team that really scrapped to hold our own on the boards to a big team. Adding size has been very important. Look at the teams we have to compete against in the West, Portland and the Lakers particularly… We’re giving up size every game. (Now) we’ve got some answers to size that we can try out.”

Cousins always have been criticized for his attitude and temperament, while others questioned his maturity and focus. He and Coach John Calipari had various in-game blowups with one another.

The Sacramento’s president of basketball operation named “Geoff Petrie” said “We’re comfortable with what we’ve learned from a lot of different, credible sources”. “It certainly wasn’t something that was going to deter us from drafting him.”

Cousins said “It didn’t bother me”. He also added “I know what type of person I am, and the people that mean something to me and matter to me know what type of person I am. So the people that think negative about me, it really doesn’t matter. That’s just their opinion.”

But the Cousins’ ability to shoot from the perimeter might have opened the Kings’ eyes. He will join primarily in the paint while Whiteside, the Conference USA defensive player of the year, will work both at center and power forward.

Geoff Petrie said “All in all I think we really added some skill and length and depth to our frontcourt, which is something we’ve been trying to rebuild for the last several years”. He added “In DeMarcus we got an exceptional talent at the center position. He’s a very special talent in a lot of ways. He was clearly the best center in the draft.”

The head coach of the NBA’s Sacramento Kings Westphal said “He does some things that you can’t teach”. “His timing, his anticipation, his ability to block shots … is really unusual. He can shoot the ball, he can run. To get a player like that in the second round is what the second round is all about.”

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