Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony 2010 Videos

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19th Commonwealth Games 2010 kicked off on Sunday, October 3, 2010 at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi, India. The amazing Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony 2010 Videos are given below.

This is the first time the even is being held in India and second time in Asia after 1998 games in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

To an eye-catching opening ceremony for the XIX Commonwealth Games at the Jawaharlal Nehru stadium in New Delhi, a crowd of almost 60,000 has been treated. With a worldwide television audience of more than a billion, the opening was billed as bringing “India alive” for the 11-day sporting attraction as 6000 performers showcased 5000 years of India’s history during the three-hour show.


The Games open was declared by Prince Charles after receiving a relay baton that had traveled some 170,000km through all the Commonwealth nations. Teams arrived to find the athletes’ village uncompleted and dirty, a new footbridge next to the main stadium collapsed injuring dozens of workers, and concerns about health, security and transport have also been high.

People were not so keen, but hen it came to forgiving Suresh Kalmadi, chairman of the organizing committee and the face of the troubled Games, whose speech was greeted by an angry chorus of jeers.

As the Delhi skies darkened with Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, the Duchess of York, the ceremony kicked off, and who introduced to the crowd before drummers beat out the “rhythm of India” accompanied by traditional Shankha trumpeters.

Southeastern Indian, Keshav, a seven-year-old prodigy tabla player ed 100 tribal drummers in a percussion section as applause from a rapturous audience built to a crescendo.
The “Aerostat”, an allegedly US$9 million white helium-filled balloon, rose 25m above the ground when the show began. The balloon housed cameras, laser projectors and mirrors providing a 360-degree screening experience as nearly 3000 fireworks danced around the rim of the stadium and lit up the Delhi sky.

According to local media reports, on the opening and closing ceremonies, enlisting an army of choreographers, designers, producers, suppliers, consultants, engineers and administrators, India has spent approximately US$34 million.

Athletes from the 71 competing nations paraded around the stadium, moved to their seats then the Queen’s Baton was brought in and handed to the prince who read out a message from the Queen.

The message said referring to the celebrations marking 60 years of Indian independence and its birth as a sovereign nation in 1947 “It is particularly fitting that the 2010 Commonwealth Games is being held in India.”

“I firmly believe that when countries can compete in sports together like this, it helps all nations to search together for peace throughout the world, to everyone, I send my very best wishes for what I hope will be the experience of a lifetime.” it added.

India’s diverse cultural heritage was celebrated by a procession of wedding guests, mystics and artisans, a human train, tuk-tuk drivers and thousands of folk dancers before the final act — Oscar-winning “Slumdog Millionaire” composer A.R. Rahman singing the self-penned theme song of the sporting extravaganza.

The Games will be held with 16 sports, with England and Australia expected to dominate the medals tally.

Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony 2010 Video from youtube:

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Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony 2010 Videos Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony 2010 VideosCommonwealth Games Opening Ceremony 2010 Videos

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  1. Shobhit Gosain says:

    CWG Opening ceremony begins with colour, music and a giant balloon.The opening ceremony of the XIX Commonwealth Games – has been going on at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in the national capital. The grand opening ceremony has showcased India’s rich culture and tradition.

  2. bigJoe says:

    I am glad that Indians are proud of India could host such large scale event smoothly, beautiful indeed.

    But it seemed that Indians are trying project “India shining” image on a wrong screen!

    There is NO comparison in spirit between “British Empire Commonwealth Games” and “Olympic “.
    Around the world people from US, Japan, China, Europe, etc, not even noticed such game event.

    As a 1.2 billing population nation who nearly represents majority human in the planet to host such event and worst of all let her former master declare the games opening….
    I have no idea what they are proud of …
    What were they glorifying? As if would watch a Roman emperor enjoy his gladiators fighting in the stadium?
    To me this is a big joke….. Sadly I do not think most Indians realized that….

  3. Asok says:


    Please stop putting us Indians down. We have put on a spectacular opening ceremony for the whole world to see. The games are running smoothly as chairman Suresh Kalmadi predicted. He should be declared a national hero for pull off such amazing feat. All the minor troubles before the games will be soon forgotten before the games end. We will put the Chinese to shame and make the 2008 Olympics looks like child’s play. With the success of the CWG, the West will recognize our sports superpower status, which is the envy of China. I am proud to be a Indian. We are more than ready to host the Olympics games. Lets bring it on.

  4. Glow says:

    Let’s not try to kid ourselves with fake diplomacy. I will be very blunt.
    That was the worst opening ceremony I have seen in a long time. The whole set-up looked cheap, from the choreography, to the costumes and the props. There was nothing spectacular, it looked half-hearted and amateurish. It was comparable to the last SEA Games opening ceremony by Vietnam. But Vietnam’s was completely understandable given that they are a poor country and was hosting the SEA Games for the first time.
    4 runners carried the batons. The last runner was a champion wrestler or weightlifter. He was a disgrace to the whole of India. Did you see him chewing in front of the whole world while carrying the baton? Now, where was the respect, discipline and pride? Didn’t anybody tell him the camera would be on him?
    I have never seen so many “speakers” taking turns to open the ceremony. Did you really need to bore people to sleep that way? Did some of them invite themselves to speak to gain some limelight? How much can be said in how many ways about an upcoming Games?
    During the “marching-in” of the teams from different countries into the stadium, 2 rows of people were presumably there to welcome in the teams. However, instead of welcoming and cheering the teams onto the stadium with high spirits and dances, they looked totally bored because they were “arrowed” to do “sentry” work. And what were they attired in?…track suits with a “eyesore-sized” black pouch on their waist. Were they meant for confetti, if they were, no one taught them how to throw I presumed.

    These were small hic-cups? Name me one segment that stood out. Go take a look at some of the most recent opening ceremonies of any games. Take a look at the YOG opening in Singapore. How much budget?…300 million Singapore Dollar. How long to plan?…2.5 years.
    How much India spent? How long were they given?…yet they had to wait till the very last minute, when bad publicity nearly ended the Games, that they acted. The bowel could not hold in any longer, then the search for the toilet papers began.
    The sloppiness were crystal clear everywhere. There is no excuse at all and there is nothing to be proud of. The more you try to justify, the worse it looks. India have more than a billion people and there are more than enough talent in the country to make this a spectacular show, unfortunately, that was way below standard.

  5. abhishek says:

    YESS,this is very much right that we need not put this show for the countries who are nowhere in the list of rivals of india, india is much above in the list of commonwealth and indeed the strongest commonwealth nation. I completely agree that there has been corruption in the games, but still it is better than all the other commonwealth games i have seen, but it would be foolish to compare it with china , because chinese are friends, west has always been jealous of India and China, you people have left no chance to show ur dirty mindset, inspite of being world class and far superiour than any of the other commonwealth games village there has been so much criticism, have you people forgot that you had made a university hostel accomodation for atheletes!!!!.you people have shown how down you can go by critising india at every point instead of encouraging it !!!!you peole made fake sting operations just to demolish the image of indai…. wat a shame!!!. I THINK INDIA SHOULD NEVER BE PART OF COMMONWEALTH BECAUSE THIS IS TOTALLY AN IMPERIAL SHOW!!!

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