Cody Webster – Story of Little League Hero on Documentary

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An ESPN “30 for 30 film,” Little Big Men was telecasted on Tuesday night, 30 August on the sports network. This film indicates the 1982 Little League World Series champions from Kirkland, Washington, especially star pitcher Cody Webster .Once a Little League World Series phenom, Cody Webster leans on a bat as he talks, watching pitchers he is coaching at a youth baseball practice Sunday.

Cody Webster

In this documentary, hairstyle of Cody Webster is changed; he seems in a salt-and-pepper crew cut and the curly blond mop of hair is gone now. In the documentary, the smooth-skinned baby face is covered with a neatly trimmed beard. Filmmaker Al Szymanski is the creator of this film. The highlights of the All-Stars from Kirkland, Washington winning the 1982 Little League World Series are demonstrated by the ESPN 30 for 30 film Little Big Men.

A great deal of Mess is created around the America by that event. Jim McKay is the broadcaster of film’s opening scenes, who is introducing the 1982 Little League World Series final game. When Webster is a 40 year old and driving around Kirkland (near Seattle) while talking about that championship year, viewers see Cody Webster’s father going through old memorabilia of his from that time.

When things were tough in America, basically everything about baseball were reminisced by Webster, Shawn Cochran, Brian Avery, Mark Peterson, Bill Cook and other players. A rallying point is the requirement of the country and the boys of Kirkland, Washington were in the right place at the right time to defeat the invincible Taiwan, who had won 9 Little League World Series titles in 11 years.

A brilliant all around athlete, Cody Webster threw balls at the speed of 79 mph and was a renowned home run hitter. The baseball team was voluntarily coached by Coaches Don Cochran and the late Pat Downs, and for stressing mental toughness on the ball-field was remembered latter but the boys did not mind and their play on the field netted victory after victory. The team came back in the regional playoffs in California from 5-3 deficit with a 3-run homer by Brian Avery to beat Kodiak, Alaska, which was shown on the ESPN 30 for 30 film Little Big Men. Viewers become ponder what happens when fame and the unrealistic expectations with it comes to youngsters with this movie.

Video of 30 for 30: Little Big Men – Cody Gets Heckled from youtube:

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