Cigar Guy in Tiger Wood’s Amazing Golf Photo

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Tiger Wood and Team America did not win the Ryder Cup even if the Tiger Wood’s Golf Photo becomes famous because of the Cigar Guy. See the wonderful image of Cigar Guy in Tiger Wood’s Golf Photo that is captured by photographer Mark Pain at the Ryder Cup, when Tiger Woods duffed his shot right into the photographer’s camera lens.

Tiger Woods Cigar

The golf game is made-up by the Women’s Institute Knitting Circle to obtain men to wear Comfi Slax and jumpers. Tiger Woods made very cool and unique shot, but it became an internet sensation not because of Tiger but because of cigar guy in the right corner that’s getting attention around the world. Everyone is marveling after watching the image that is taken during the weekend’s Ryder Cup that shows Cigar Guy consoling in the right corner. Among the crowd of cap-wearing, windbreaker-sporting, non-smoking fans, Cigar Guy stands out. He is smoking a big cigar, and he’s got a look of astonishment on his face, as though he’d just seen Woods cure cancer.

Details about who is Cigar Guy,  are still unclear at this point, it looks like Cigar Guy is becoming the new Sad Keanu, already placed in some bright Photoshop pictures online. All the Fans over the internet are speculating about the cigar guy, but nobody can say the precise conclusions. It is also assumed that Woods paid this guy to stand near him and take some of the heat off of Tiger Woods, whose presentation on the golf course has been in doubt over the last few months.

After noticing Cigar Guy in the photo it is nearly impossible to look at anything else. The madcap photoshoppers have jumped all over the photo and have been uploading their handiwork to the tubes. It is fantastic where everybody in the front row of the photo including Tiger woods’, morphs into having Cigar Guy’s face follows below

Nothing is firmed about this image expect that this picture has grown to become one of the most popular all over the web.

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