Brazil vs. Ivory match – Kaka red card Boon for Brazil

Posted by RakeshP on Jun 21, 2010 | 11 Comments


  1. Samuel pavithran says:

    Still brazil has to cross so many hurdles not just this one. I wish them to lift the title. Go Brazil Go.

  2. jitin says:

    Red card for KaKa never demolished the performance of brazil team and finally they lift the FiFA-Cup-2010 in South Africa. All The Best!

  3. Subrata says:

    I hope Karma also gets you for being biased and passing value judgments … and also the Abdelkader Keita for such a nice piece of drama on the field … probably that’s how someone hides his inability to score … the players who can play and win do not need to do any drama. Best regards.

  4. Asif Khan says:

    i can’t understand y ref sent kaka off..i think da Francene ref do this only for their own eagerness

  5. Phool Kumar Sheoran says:

    It is totally unjustice with KAKA.

  6. Cooper says:

    Kaka did not deserve the red card and Ivory Coast does not deserve to play in the World Cup if they are not ready to taste defeat… Everything was perfectly fine until the match seemed to be out of their grip. All they did was foul the Brazilians… Come to think of it, any team can get irritated of these fouls as it can cost them their players and the World Cup… Brasil did nothing to deserve this… I wish them luck and I know they will lift the cup this year..!!

  7. Jay says:

    “As well, Keita’s actions were disgraceful and brought an undeserved red card on Kaka. Yet somehow it all makes perfect sense.”

    It makes sense to you because you are a moron who lacks any sense of honor.

  8. jasyfriend says:

    Exactly, kaka should be suspended for the next two games. He was playing boxing not football..

    Referee got instruction to show another yellow card from the FIFA…

    I agree.. kaka done a big mistake….

  9. lozz says:

    what are you talking about! am i the on person in the world who wonders why the ivory coast player was sprinting at full speed towards kaka in the first place… he was being targeted just as elano was. the i.c. man should take the match ban for unfair play and faking. kaka didnt even touch him in the face and the ic guy went down like he got hit with a cannonball. it makes me sick. so dissapointing FIFA!!!

  10. no_merci says:

    serves him right for channeling out wrath of sublime performance on that poor CIV player with a cheap, sneaky embowing

  11. vicky says:

    dunga.. stop it and bring ronaldhino in.. he deserves the best player in the world.. he has got valuable skills and u give him chance to unleash it once again.. he’ll surely win matches..

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