Brandon Phillips hates Cardinals

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Brandon Phillips of the Cincinnati Reds has had his fill of the St. Louis Cardinals. When asked about his health after fouling a ball off his leg, Phillips had this to say : “I’d play against these guys with one leg. We have to beat these guys. I hate the Cardinals. All they do is bitch and moan about everything, all of them, they’re little bitches, all of ‘em.

“I really hate the Cardinals. Compared to the Cardinals, I love the Chicago Cubs. Let me make this clear: I hate the Cardinals.”

This is a good story, the sort of story that makes baseball more interesting. I certainly wouldn’t be thrilled with Phillips if I were his manager, or one of his more level-headed teammates. But conflict is drama, and drama is inherently interesting. Due to his choice of language, it’s not likely that Phillips’ words will ever be applauded. If the Reds get swept by the Cardinals this week and eventually finish out of the money, Phillips might even be hung with some of the blame.

The next question is whether or Phillips could walk the walk after doing his talking. The answer: he went 0-for-5 in a 7-3 loss on Monday. With a dud like that Phillips will need monster games Tuesday and Wednesday to avoid looking like a total chump. If you’re going to speak loudly, you better be able to back it up with a thunderous stick.

BP’s quote is disrespectful to the game. Tonight’s spectical was disrespectful to the game, but expected to defend the team. Votto’s snub of the Cub was disrespectful. A true Cardinal fan would understand his comment, but respect for the game would have overridden the dislike for the Cubs. The personal attacks show the lack of class that has invaded baseball. McGwire didn’t deny using steroids, he refused to answer the Congressional questions. He used when it was popular in baseball to use, not when it was illegal to use. Still not a good choice. Will cost him HOF. Since, he has admitted and come clean. Pujols does not use. He works hard for his successes. Rolen and Edmonds are excellent players.I enjoy watchingthem no matter which team they are helping. I hope that tomorrow both teams will play well and give their fans a game they can enjoy and not an embarrassing situation. If BP’s comments and the brawl tonight was not embarrassing, then you have little respect for the game and you might want to introspect to understand why. The players owe the game, not the game owing the players. Caps off to the great players who played it right, Biggio and Bagwell, Ripken, Jeter, and Gagne, are a few who come to mind. For Love of the Game, show respect for baseball or let someone else who loves the game take your place. The Reds and Cardinals have made this season fun to watch. Both have been in first place, now are tied again.


  1. helen says:

    Asking a Cubs fan about their opinion of the Cardinals is like asking a Jewish person their opinion of Hitler. Of course they are going to talk trash about the Cardinals. Its a rivalry for a reason. I wouldnt expect you to understand that since you guys havent had a team worthy enough to engoy one in a good long time. I am glad though that the Reds are a good team agin. It adds to the list of games I look forward to wathcing. Good luck to the Reds and their fans. You deserve a winning season. As long as its a season that finishes in 2nd place. Im just sayin… GO CARDS and GO 101 ESPN!!! Good post Bernie

  2. binit says:

    Brandon Phillips is an idiot. The biggest series of the year and he says something like that to give the Cardinals more motivation. Hopefully Wainwright or Garcia puts one in his ear.

  3. vipin says:

    Honestly, Phillips comes away looking like the schoolyard both after these comments. I was fine with Votto’s comments about the Cubs, but BP crossed the line on this one. He better back it up with his play today and tomorrow. If the Cards sweep the series and BP plays poorly, he may have the Cincy media after him next. I’d prefer if BP let his play do the talking…and learn how to run the bases too.

  4. james says:

    Just taking a quick glance at the box score I came to the conclusion that Trevor Hoffman doesn’t have it anymore.

    So you’re saying you don’t like his stuff? He doesn’t have enough zip? He lacks mound presence?

    /pitching scouts are the most overpaid people on the planet

  5. margit says:

    We pull for the reds,they are just trying to stir the pot. Cards have won enough lately. This year ,maybe they have the team to win? Don’t really agree with the shenanigans though. We in Ohio want one of our teams to win someday again.

  6. Justin Lueders says:

    For what it’s worth Houston is 7-5 against STL this season haha… but seriously this was not written as an Astros fan, but rather just an objective observer simply commenting on reasons people may dislike the Cardinals now or in the past. Your comments are appreciated and encouraged

  7. Cheryl says:

    Brandon Phillips was spot on in his analysis of the Cardinals. They are whiny little B’s that need to get a grip and quit complaining over every little thing. “oh, you needed a new glove right before the game started that took all of 2 seconds to switch out, let me give you a stern lecture in the dug out”… “boo hoo, the balls at GABP are too slick”… correct me if I’m wrong, but I was under the impression that every team in the MLB uses the same type of ball. Yea, we didn’t play up to par last night, and got our butts handed to us by the Cards. I’ll be the first to admit that… but that doesn’t change the fact that the Cards are just what Phillips said they are.

  8. nensi says:

    You gotta love drama in sports. It gives you an incentive to pay more attention to what’s going on in the sports world.
    And to the Cards fans… just think, if and when you win the NL Central, you can shine in the light.

    This can actually build up a rivalry between St. Louis and Cincinnati; something good for the sport.

  9. pavan says:

    Rolen was holding back and protecting friend and ex-teammate Carp, Bearcat fool. And I believe Yadi spoke up for our franchise just fine tonight. Meanwhile, your team threw the ball around like a pinball machine. Guarantee there are quite a few Reds not happy with teammate Phillips. If you’re a Reds fan, you should be embarrassed right now.

  10. maria says:

    You gotta love drama in sports. It gives you an incentive to pay more attention to what’s going on in the sports world.
    And to the Cards fans… just think, if and when you win the NL Central, you can shine in the light.

    This can actually build up a rivalry between St. Louis and Cincinnati; something good for the sport.

  11. jeny says:

    Phillips thinks he can run his suck and then be all buddy buddy with Yadi the next day?—DONT THINK SO. I got all the respect in the world for the reds but phillips is a piece of sht and i guarrantee you that there was not one person in the reds organization that was glad the this douche bag said all that sht. BTW cueto fights like a little biotch and i hope he enjoys his time off.

  12. rajan says:

    The Reds got what was coming. Not only with final score, but frankly an old kool ass kicking, the Lou style. You can hate on our manager all you want. Last time i checked he has not only a better record than Baker he has more baseball knowledge in his pinky toe.

  13. chinki says:

    The Cardinals have played without much emotion throughout the year and Phillips call out of them seems to have awaken them…………for now. If they can stay pumped and play more to their potential, they might have to give Phillips a playoff share at the end of the season. LOL>

  14. rimy says:

    Cardinal fans crack me up with their victim routine. First off, yes, Cueto deserves to be suspended. That said, how do you think Cueto ended up smashed up against the backstop? The Cards players pushed him there, the same way Rolen drove Carpenter into the backstop. Don’t give me this ‘poor us’ act when your catcher instigates the conflict, Carpenter helps to escalate it, and your players are just as involved as the Reds players. Cueto will get suspended, the Cardinals are now in 1st place, and everything is back to normal. I’d have that hothead Carpenter tested for roids immediately.

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