BCS Football Final Rankings 2010

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BCS Football Final Rankings 2010 became very popular these days. The first BCS Standings 2010 were announced on last Sunday, 17 October 2010. All the NCAA football fans predicted about the number 1 team and yet some were surprised to know about BCS rankings. Oklahoma opens the rankings with the no. 1 position that was based on their impressive game, strength of game schedule. Fans of NCAA football were surprised that all the predictions came true.

Oregon and Boise State stand on number 2 and 3 in BCS rankings. According to some experts, Boise State may be the leading team but the strength of schedule was affected because of Oregon State won from Washington so that the Boise State came out on the third position. Number 4 team in the BCS Standings is Auburn that currently undefeated at 7-0, landed ahead of TCU.

In the history of college football, one of the most successful events is the Bowl Championship Series (BCS). A selection system, BCS creates five bowl match-ups connecting ten of the top ranked teams in the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS). Design of BCS is created to entertain fans of football with exciting and competitive match-ups by ensuring that the two top-rated teams in the country compete in the national championship game, and create exciting match-ups among eight other highly regarded teams in four other bowl games.

According to BCS measurements, top two teams have played each other 12 times in 12 years. Official website of BCS is a resource for college football fans, media and others interested in how the system works. To determine relative team rankings and to narrow the field to two teams to play in the BCS National Championship Game that held after the other college bowl games, the BCS relies on a combination of polls and computer selection methods.

BCS Football Final Rankings 2010:

BCS Standings 2010
Rank Team Record Average
1 Oklahoma 6-0 .9215
2 Oregon 6-0 .8921
3 Boise State 6-0 .8898
4 Auburn 7-0 .8641
5 TCU 7-0 .8573
6 LSU 7-0 .8245
7 Michigan State 7-0 .7628
8 Alabama 6-1 .6654
9 Utah 6-0 .6540
10 Ohio State 6-1 .5726
11 Missouri 6-0 .5491
12 Stanford 5-1 .5374
13 Wisconsin 6-1 .5335
14 Oklahoma State 6-0 .5261
15 Iowa 5-1 .4824
16 Nebraska 5-1 .4295
17 Florida State 6-1 .4267
18 Arizona 5-1 .3807
19 Texas 4-2 .2214
20 West Virginia 5-1 .1812
21 South Carolina 4-2 .1555
22 Kansas State 5-1 .1422
23 Arkansas 4-2 .1302
24 Mississippi State 5-2 .1253
25 Virginia Tech 5-2 .0658

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  1. thegoat says:

    funny today i find myself singing that ole BOISE STATE fight song….lets see how does that go. We are BOISE STATE and no football team in the country can beat us hum hum hum we will be the B C S champions this year. Thank you Kellen Moore. Oh yeah one MOORE thing ha ha get it MOORE thing, Kellen gets the Heisman hands down. NUFF SAID !!!

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