Armed With Wings 3 Walkthrough & Cheats

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Get the third part of the Armed With Wings walkthrough details to play the game. The main mission of the game is to join Leo and his eagle in a classic search to free the land of dark creatures. In this game, players will fight with dozens of monsters and solve puzzles by using your eagle. In a world without god, the game is set and wickedness slowly plagues the earth.

Armed With Wings 3 Walkthrough - armed with wings 3 demo

With stunning art, stylish gameplay and compelling story, the game features 6 chapters and 6 epic boss battles and total of 30 levels. It comes with survival mode in which you can fight nonstop battles and post your score to a leader board, and bonus content and story mode in which you will be immediately hit by the phenomenal soundtrack and striking silhouette graphics. To play the game, use arrow keys to Move and jump and also use “A” key for melee attack, “S” KEY for weapon attack and “D” KEY to use special ability. Press “W” KEY to toggle eagle mode. By stirring and co-operating with each other, Leo and his eagle will need to find the way through the selection of worlds, solve puzzles, gather globes to refill life status, discover treasures, and of course undertake many battles beside the way.

Armed With Wings 3 includes a range of chapters with number of worlds to be traversed. During the play time, difficulty enlarges gradually and also Leo learns to find the new ways throughout co-operating with his Eagle and each environment. As the game runs, more and more puzzles are launched and have to be solved before Leo reaches the portal. The Eagle also needs to go in front and contact tiny passages, grasp pulley-handles or locate keys to help Leo’s journey.

In the Armed With Wings 3, you will also interact with other characters including The Blacksmith and Leo’s Mother. To improve in both abilities and weaponry, Leo has to discuss with both the Blacksmith and his Mother between every level. The game is dramatic in so many ways and it is really quite hard to pinpoint any faults. For this game, developers improved the controls, which are actually quite easy to learn and use. The starting level of the game is quite easy, as you will come closer to higher level of game, it becomes tough to play.

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