Amazing Driscoll Middle School Trick Play Video

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The Greatest Driscoll Middle School’s football game came from a middle school coach in Corpus Christi, Texas and his eighth-grade quarterback. During Saturday’s middle school championship game against rival Wynn Seale, the Driscoll Middle School offense dragged an unbelievable trick play that left their rivals rubbing their heads.

Driscoll Middle School Trick Play

Instead of breaking the football, Driscoll’s center passed it over his shoulder to the quarterback. By the bizarre motion, the Driscoll Middle School’s football players became confuse that’s why the defense didn’t react, permitting the quarterback to walk through unscathed. The Driscoll middle School varsity team released its own play for the ages with a part of show-stopping chicanery named “The Penalty Play,” which has become a YouTube impression with 168,000 views and counting.

At the last minute of the third quarter, Driscoll down 6-0 and their opposite team, Wynn Seale defense was called for a 5-yard penalty which escorted to a repotting of the ball. According to the Driscoll Rangers coach Art Rodriguez, “They marked out five yards, but then quarterback Jason Garza loudly told the center that the refs were marking off 5 more yards.”

After then, Jason Garza also told the center to give him the ball. He technically hiking the ball to begin the play and fake to tick the added yardage. Once he was easily understood of the defensive line, Garza completed a break for the end zone. After the touchdown, Driscoll missed the extra point and they shared the title with a 6-6 tie.

“This is first time we ever tried it and it worked,” says Rodriguez of the Penalty Play drawn up by assistant coach John Delosantos.

Driscoll Middle School Trick Play video from the youtube:

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