Jess Moore criticises the Liberal Party

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Jess Moore has criticized the Liberal Party for buying advertising that targets people searching her name on the internet.

Jess Moore was in hot search early today. While searching the name of any candidate from the seat, south of Sydney, users faced the sponsored links that directed the user to a Liberal Party website. This all fake advertise suddenly disappear due to Jess Moore’s claim.

Moore is a well-known community activist who is national coordinator of the socialist youth organization Resistance.

Lebanese community leader and anti-war activist Saeb Ali has also endorsed Moore.

Chalmers was the first woman to head the South Coast May Day committee. Keogh is the secretary of the Maritime Union of Australia Veterans southern branch, of which McBride is assistant secretary. Arrowsmith is a founding member of the Illawarra Labor History Society.

A paid advertisement which says “can appear above and to the right of organic search results” is accepted by Google.

Ms Moore said, “The Liberal Party is using its resources to stifle democracy.”

She said, “They are brazenly putting forward how undemocratic this system is by using the immense resources they have, resources a candidate like me do not have, because I’m not sponsored by the big end of town.”

“They are brazenly doing something incredibly undemocratic.

“There is no question the major parties, who are able to use their money in many different ways, whether it’s TV ads or buying up links on the internet, have a ridiculously unfair advantage when it comes to elections.”

Liberal Party links were appearing when users searched his name on Google at the weekend South Australian independent candidate for Mayo Bill Spragg complained.
The ads was described as part of a grimy tricks campaign by Mr Spragg.

A Liberal spokeswoman said, “The party is trying to get its message out to as many people as possible and that it is essential to advertise online.”

Information technology expert Jeff McQueen said, “Online search advertising is relatively cheap and easy to do.”

He said “For the kinds of keywords you are talking about you are talking about a few cents per click.”

“You only pay for the traffic when somebody clicks on the link – that’s the way Google advertising works. So the Liberal Party probably isn’t spending very much money at all.”

Moore said she was “incredibly humbled” by this support, as the veteran activists “have tirelessly been at the forefront of struggles for workers’ rights, women’s rights, Aboriginal rights and other social justice issues.

Moore said, “Changes that put people before profit universal healthcare and education, the 40-hour work week and the right to vote for Aboriginal people were not gifted to us, but won by the trade unions and social movements.”

“I’m proud to stand with veterans of such campaigns to carry on the tradition. They never gave up and they inspire future generations to carry on the struggle to put human need and the planet before corporate greed.”

The socialist campaign in Cunningham is starting to gather steam. Nearly 60 volunteers are helping with letterboxing and other activities.

Despite being a safe Labor seat, there is a growing openness to political alternatives because of disillusionment with state and federal Labor governments.

Greens candidate George Takacs is also running a strong campaign. The seat was won by the Greens in the 2002 by-election, but lost back to Labor in 2004.

Moore has spoken at a range of “meet the candidates” events, including those organized by the Australian Services Union, the Illawarra Teachers’ Association and the Wollongong Undergraduate Students’ Association.

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