Gareth Morgan’s Health Prescription – ‘Remove the Politicians’

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Gareth Morgan

Trade Me founder and investment guru Gareth Morgan says all health spending should be taken out of reach of politicians.

Morgan told Otago University’s mid-winter dialogue series in Christchurch today that all health funding should be controlled by an apolitical board to stop people “gaming” the health system by using political pressure.

Morgan said the current system was “highly inequitable” both in terms of access and treatment once inside the system.

Demanding patients got priority over those who suffered in silence, Morgan said.

Who got treated in the health system was influenced by the media, politics and lobbying.

“The squeaky wheel gets the oil.”

“That’s very wrong and should not be the case in a universal entitlement system,” Morgan told the audience.

Morgan said by removing politicians from the process, decisions like the Government’s funding of a breast cancer drug Herceptin rejected by drug-buying agency Pharmac would not happen, he said.

Morgan said despite common belief, the ageing population was not the main driver of cost increses. The primary cause was public expectation which was increasingly “out of whack”.

The public thought a universal health system was an “all you can eat” type system where people could expect the same level of care as was available anywhere in the world.

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