Fall of the republic – Obama’s Video censored from youtube

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One of the most popular movies of Alex Jones, “The Obama Deception: The Mask Comes Off” has been censored following incite of the moment campaign to raise the movie to the top of the major Internet search engines. The film was released, and recently uploaded to the Internet and has been a viral hit.

Alex Jones, who is a well known conservative radio host, maintained that the ideas of the documentary were having a massive impact and millions of people were turning on to the YouTube video. People protested stating that it is just another form of censorship when it was stripped from the website. It had gained numerous links, and more than 6.5 million views as many were beginning to campaign for the film in order to bring it to the top of search engines.

Alex Jones said, “This was a criminal act, and You Tube needs to investigate, track the IP and find out who did it”. He also added, “The Obama Deception was getting more and more popular, and the establishment doesn’t like the fact that it exposes the Left-Right paradigm and identifies Obama as a puppet.”

Obama Deception Censored” is at the time of writing the most popular search term on Google, hinting that there may be some interest in the censorship story. The video, which was posted on YouTube by author Alex Jones, was receiving massive amounts of hits, but as quickly as it was posted, the video disappeared. No evidence exists as to who deleted the video from the page, but Jones has some thoughts on the issue. Besides online buzz, newspapers and magazines had also started to pick up on the film, and even offer their own reviews of it.

Representative Barney Frank is fighting in Congress for the right to keep the Internet free from government interference when it comes to online gambling, according to Casino Gambling Web reports. Recently, however, suspicions have been high regarding a deleted The Obama Deception movie. “This was an inside job, by either a YouTube or Google employee, or someone they gave the pass code to,” said Jones on a video explaining what happened to the video, “and “YouTube needs to launch an investigation and track back the IP addresses from where this originated…

According to Alex Jones the deletion and censorship of the You-Tube video and other documents in the You Tube account of the Documentary maker is the violation of the 1st Amendment and free speech. He called the hack illegal which has deprived people of watching the video online and make up their own mind about the administration.

Video of Censorship Alert: Obama Deception Illegally Removed from YouTube:

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