Chiranjeevi tries to arrange all-party meeting

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With Congress, Chiranjeevi’s bond is strengthening day by day. Heroic appearance, Daredevil stunts and hypnotic dance movements combined Telugu mega star Chiranjeevi, President of joy and one of the most popular actresses in southern India. Recently, Chiranjeevi has joined politics and is running a well-known Charitable Trust as well.


On July 26, 2010 Telugu Desam Party, Chandrababu Naidu N President has urged Chief Minister K Rosaiah to all parties to organize, until the planned meeting with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the Babhli to discuss. From long time, PRP-Congress merge was a hot debate in state politics. The political incidents happened from there are clearly showing the strengthened ‘brotherhood’ between Congress and PRP. Recently, the Congress leader Sonia Gandhi and Chiranjeevi held a meeting together, as were political hot talk. The result of this meeting is certainly a clear sign that points to a stronger brother hood between the Indian Congress party and Chiranjeevi’s Praja Rajyam Party. In a letter to the Chief Minister said Thursday TDP chief: We have a draft paper on Babhli to ventilate our views. We invite you to a meeting with all political parties to our proposals before the state government to convene.

PRAJA Rajyam Party President Chiranjeevi K also suggested that the Chief Minister seek consensus among the political parties in the state Babhli questions before meeting with the Prime Minister to develop. “It will be better if we go to the first minister to the joint determination that a political solution alone will Babhli row end. I ask you an all-party meeting convened by 25.07 to consider the issue,” Chiranjeevi Requested in separate letter addressed to the Chief Minister on Thursday. In a TV channel’s interview, Pila Narasimhayya has said, “Chiranjeevi told me that Congress is going to remove YS Jagan from the party, once he is out we will get a post in congress. Chiranjeevi asked us to wait for a month for the future action plan.”

Chiranjeevi might have said that, or even he might not have said that. Since Pila Narasimhayya is suspended from PRP, he might try something to stir up controversies! It is manifest that Chiranjeevi will share some sort of closer relations with congress even in the future. Recent incidents are as follows which proves ‘friendly relations’ of PRP and Congress.

  • Chiranjeevi meeting with AICC chief Sonia Gandhi
  • Pro Chiranjeevi statements by VH, Bothsa etc
  • Chiranjeevi backing State government on Babli issue
  • Congress cadre softening things up with PRP
  • Rosaiah claiming himself to be a Chiru fan in Puli audio function
  • Rosaiah team’s cordial relation with Chiranjeevi
  • Chiranjeevi supporting Congress on various public issues
  • Rosaiah strengthening Chiru’s fight on Polavaram national project status

Video of CM Rosaiah Done A Good Job – Chiranjeevi from YouTube:

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