Ys Jagan House In Bangalore

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Yeduguri Sandinti Jagan Mohan Reddy is an Indian politician. Recently, he purchased White House in Bangalore which is extended about 31 acres. The cost of the house is approximately 250 crores. Ys Jagan’s House has a huge space to land helicopter.

Ys Jagan House In BangaloreY.S. Jagan’s Palatial House is located in Bangalore. He is one of the highest tax-payer politicians in the 2009-2010 financial year. Jagan had paid Rs 2.92 lakh tax for the entire financial year 2008-09, has paid Rs 6.6 crore advance tax in the first six months of this year, projecting a tax outgo of at least Rs 22 crore with his personal income has crossed Rs 70 crore in 2009-10.

Yeduguri Sandinti Jagan Mohan Reddy is a member of the Parliament of India, representing the Kadapa constituency. Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy popularly called as Jagan Anna. His political party is the Indian National Congress. He is the son of the former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Late Dr. Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy. Y.S Jagan is considered as the leader of youth in Andhra Pradesh.

Y.S. Jagan has playing a key role in Congress by molding the party cadre, especially youth, describing him as a young leader possessing leadership quality. For the rural people, he had also been taking the Government schemes. The followers of Y.S Jagan in the Congress have been performing rallies for quite some time now demanding that to take the thrust. Mr. Vivekananda Reddy (M.P) said that in view of this demand, the Chief Minister and his family members had approved his entry into politics.

Video of YS Jagan family shifted to his own house (banjarahills) from YouTube:


  1. Lalu says:

    nice bulding sir

  2. ramreddy says:

    He and his father are the biggest looters of our nation

  3. Reddy Union says:

    hey ramreddy, mind your language. kabadaaaar

  4. blore says:

    YSR and Jagan looted total AP and karnataka, YSR made realestate businss in AP and looted most of the lands. he has given paise to ppls but himself made lacks of crores. poor AP ppls made him god for paise by loosing crores of worth lands in Telangana

  5. nameless says:

    The photo is not showing the actual palace. It is showing only the staff quarters!!!!.

  6. varmaworld says:

    CM means YSR
    looty means KCR,NTR

  7. B.C.S.REDDY says:

    nice photo

  8. rajesh says:

    hi every one.i want to say one thing that if a govt gives a granite land to poor person what will be the result? so think once they have power and used then and they are providing job opportunities. then y should we blame them. think wise

  9. kavya says:

    i think jagan is distinct 4m others dat’s why he soonly came onto lime light

  10. Anji says:

    Some stupided are talking Y.S.R and Jagan are looters.
    No one perfect but who is working Imp ? Y.S.R was woring like any thing. Do know one thing YSR took our budget planning change like any thing on other state like

  11. suneel says:

    those who commented above r all……konda pookulu….

  12. samardth says:

    Hai, This is Samardth. Those who elucidate on Y S Jagan are VERRIPOOOOOOOOOOKULU. He is the coming up CM.

  13. p k reddy says:

    think why would govt give granite land to a poor person and second thing if he is really interested in doing he should have done it for the AP govt and not for his own
    finally for all those who praise him have u ever been to his 250 crore house and do u think is he really worth to stay in it please just dont comment without sense. this is a big loss for us compare other states which agrriculturally rich. why cudappa dist still not developed agriculturally

  14. Educated Reddy says:

    I don’t know even all the evidences are clear thta YSR and family memebrs ate all the people money. You guys still support them.
    I know the person who is rading this post is not dumb guy. He might be educated, please thing guys. We don’t need idiots like Jagan or Chiru.
    JP is one the guy, but he alos rotten Egg now. He can’t do anything…..he got spoiled.

  15. Chandra Sekhar says:

    Hey guys & girls ……… think once when you opposed to others ……Politicians manam eppudu thittakudadhu b’coz varini maname otlu vesi win cheyinchi Assembli lonu and parlament lonu kurchabetti ippudu maname alaa thittithe emi use .. so otu vesetappudu vidu manaku sarainavada kadha ani alochinchi veyyali anthekani oka quater cheap leaker ku aasha padi mana feature nu variki banisathvam kanivvaddhu ………ALL INDIANS IS 97% CORRUPT ONLY REMAINING PEOPLES ARE CRUSHER’S ………

  16. Naresh reddy says:

    good ring road & sez concept by YSR & CO . He is biggest looter ever in india

  17. thokka says:

    these are the worst mafia dons of the century prevailing in politrics

  18. badri nageswara reddy says:

    nice house
    eea state a nee di anna aduko tharuvatha chidam

  19. badri nageswara reddy says:

    nice house
    eea state a nee di anna aduko tharuvatha chudam

  20. thulasi says:

    hey why guys are thinking that these people are eating these people did a lot to the state no cm or no pm did like these dont blame on this cm ysr or his son ys jagan

  21. chand says:

    he is big corrupt cm country never seen

  22. venkat says:

    those who scold jagan and ysr are big bausterds

  23. S S Reddy says:

    Thanks for the reply..

    @ above All

    YSR and Jagan may invovled in corrupt, but YSR is the CM of AP for ever.
    Ha has taken some dare decisions which will help poor and farmers.
    no other CM including NTR has not done this much for AP.

    YSR is the best CM in INDIA for ever. Other states also learned lot from YSR.
    People only remeber that he is corrupt, but forgot that he is no more and he is killed.. Pity…

  24. sudheer says:

    orey ramreddy and suneel……valladi nakadaniki kuda meru paniki raru ra….mind ur language….kabardar….jai jagan,jai y.s.r,jai congress

  25. Reddy says:

    In any of the Election every body spending some crores for money/liquor in the election canvassing / voting. Any of the politician either Chandrababu naidu or Any TDP MLA or MP or Congress MLA or MP ….are spending the amount from their business or own property? 99.99999 percent of the people are corrupting the government money in the tenders or Private lands and spending.

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