Walmart Black Friday 2010: Deals and Ads

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Black Friday will be celebrated on November 26th 2010. Generally, “Black Friday” comes after one day of Thanksgiving Day, and it is the indicator of the starting of the holiday shopping season. Black Friday items will be released online to purchase by retailers on Thanksgiving morning, 25 November 2010. Popular products such as HDTVs, toys, electronics, and clothing are available at their lowest price of the year on Black Friday. On Black Friday, sales on Plasma HDTVs for $500, digital cameras for $80, and laptop computers for under $400 are all very familiar. Shoppers are also offered great discounts on holiday-specific items, such as trees and decorations by retailers.

Walmart Black Friday 2010: Deals and Ads

Some weeks before Black Friday 2010 are the golden weeks for the veteran buyers to search for the best deals this coming holiday. Throughout the blogoshphere, news is leaked that before November, Walmart will be selling iPad and before the end of November, it will be available on thousands of Walmart stores. All the iPad models, accessories, wireless keyboard, dock and other peripherals are included at Wal Mart stores. Wal Mart’s VP for entertainment stated in a recent statement that he expects iPad will finally land on Wal Mart store because it only attracted big profits, since it was first released. He added, “We can be sure we’ll be seeing iPads on Walmart during Black Friday, the only question remains will there be a discount? Because it appears on our prediction for iPad Black Friday 2010, the case is somewhat not too gallant for Apple to give one.

Walmart Black Friday 2010: Deals and Ads

Usual discounts would certainly be given by Walmart for products ranging from babies and kids apparels to computers, laptops, HDTVs, consumer electronic devices, entertainment packages and other more. Once people purchase a certain quantity of products/packages, Walmart gift cards will be given by Wal Mart ‘inside the house’ offers. Walmart could give away 360s as low as 150 USD only on its xbox 360 black friday 2010 predictions. The first Walmart Black Friday ad was leaked nine days before Black Friday last year.

Wal-Mart was founded in 1962. Wal-Mart store is one of the largest corporations of the world. More than 8,000 stores are operated in 15 different countries by Wal-Mart. Thousands of products are featured at unbeatable prices at Wal-Mart stores. Wal-Mart stores are well-known for their large selection of high quality products, friendly customer service and daily low prices. Go to Wal-Mart store for shopping of electronics, clothing, home goods, CDs, greeting cards, groceries, video games, bedding, kitchenwares, books, movies, pet supplies, toys, gardening products, etc. Products of featured brands such as Apple, Sony, TomTom, Toshiba, HP, and Panasonic are available at Wal-Mart stores.

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