Theresa Parker’s Body found in Georgia

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In Georgia, the dead body of Theresa Parker was found on Wednesday. Since 2007, she was missing and found her dead body in 2010. She was last seen on 21st March, 2007 when was leaving her sister’s house. She is claimed dead by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation who have said that remains found in neighboring Chattooga County are of Theresa Parker.

At the time of her disappearance, she was of 41 and working as an emergency dispatcher for Walker County in Georgia. Hundreds of volunteers were searching for her while they had heard the news of disappearance of Theresa Parker.

A farmer of Chattooga County discovered Theresa Parker and reported the found remains to the authorities. People were found in the wooded area near a river at the Alabama border and approximate 25 miles far away from the Walker County line and dental records at Walker County has confirmed that remains were of Theresa Parker.

Sam Parker was a former police sergeant is helping in jail for her murder. He is husband of Theresa Parker. Jerry Scott of the Georgia Bureau of investigation said that jury convicted Sam Parker would feel relieve in their decision of convicting Sam Parker.

A jury found Parker guilty of malice murder after a three week trial in September 2009. Judge Jon “Bo” Wood sentenced him to serve the rest of his life in prison. Parker unwaveringly insisted that he was innocent, and that his wife had run away to begin a new life. From the very beginning of the case, investigators theorized Sam Parker used her 1999 Toyota Forerunner to dispose of her body.

The family of Theresa Parker was informed by Steve Wilson, Walker County Sheriff about the finding of the remains adding that 3 1/2 years was a long time and they would be glad to bring her home. The causes of death of Theresa Parker are being examined by the Investigators.

Watch the video from where Theresa Parker’s body was hidden at

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  1. Andrea says:

    That doesn’t look like the picture of Theresa Parker that was featured as her missing poster, or in photos with her husband (and convicted killer). This woman also appears to be older than the 41 years of age that Theresa Parker was when she was murdered.

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