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The Road to Serfdom is a book written by Friedrich von Hayek who is the recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 1974 which transformed the landscape of political thought in the 20th century, shifting the terms of debate for millions of people across the political spectrum. The Road to Serfdom is among the most influential and popular expositions of classical liberalism and libertarianism.

Picture of The Road to Serfdom Book (Image Credit : provides the following description for the book ‘The Road to Serfdom’ which is written by F.A. Hayek.

“This classic by one of the 20th century’s leading libertarian thinkers has established itself beside the works of Orwell and others as a timeless meditation on the relationship between human freedom and government authority. Hayek argues that empowering government with increasing economic control leads not to utopia but to horrors such those seen in Nazi Germany.”

John Maynard Keynes read The Road to Serfdom and said of it: “In my opinion it is a grand book…Morally and philosophically I find myself in agreement with virtually the whole of it: and not only in agreement with it, but in deeply moved agreement.” Having said that, Keynes did not think Hayek’s philosophy was of practical use; this was explained later in the same letter, through the following comment: “What we need therefore, in my opinion, is not a change in our economic programmes, which would only lead in practice to disillusion with the results of your philosophy; but perhaps even the contrary, namely, an enlargement of them. Your greatest danger is the probable practical failure of the application of your philosophy in the United States.”

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