The Holiday Google Doodle replaces Google Corporate Logo today

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For celebrating the holidays, today Google Corporate Logo has been replaced by The Holiday Google Doodle on its homepage with 17 themed doodles until the evening of December 25 (Christmas Day). This time to represent the Festive season of Christmas and New Year Google Doodle takes a different approach. As per the occasion or festival, always Google Doodle dresses up of the Google logo; however the Google corporate logo this time includes a collection of pictures.

The Holiday Google Doodle replaces Google Corporate Logo today

An extensive amount of time has been taken by the holiday inspired Google Doodle to achieve and since July the artists behind the holiday Google doodle worked to build the design. Michael Lopez (Google’s chief doodle) and his team of 5 artists took an overall of 250 hours straddling above five months to accomplish goal “to end the year with a bang” and form the holiday Google doodle as per the Wall Street Journal. Initially the doodle was meant to be present in installments but the folks at Google determined that it would be best to put it up all at once.

The Holiday Google Doodle has 17 framed illustrations that represent the dazzling scenes from around the world. If you bring the mouse upon the box, then they open up in a big and striking window. Find related things of that image after clicking on this box.

The new cyber art pieces features St. Basil’s Cathedral Church of Moscow, Mount Fuji in Japan, Great Wall Of China, Venetian Gondol (symbol of Venice), Sydney Harbour, Santa on housetop, passing through The Acropolis of Athens and arriving on time for French Christmas dessert Bûche de Noël, suiting various cultural tastes across the world.

Vice-president of research and user experience at Google, Marissa Mayer on Google Side wiki said, “We call our special holiday logos, Google doodle.” For Google doodles it’s been a creative year as we have observed birthdays, holidays and interactive videogames (see Pac-man) memorialized. View the whole list of artwork in the Google doodle and enjoy! To become more fun and pioneering, Google doodles are embracing new web technologies so let’s see what they have for us in the upcoming year 2011.

Google Holiday Logo 2010 (Doodle) video from youtube:

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