The Great Food Truck Race – Nom Nom Truck defeats & Grill ‘Em All Wins

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On last Sunday, the final episode of The Great Food Truck Race, a reality television show was aired at Food Network and the team of Grill ‘Em All was being the winner of the series by defeating Vietnamese sandwiches and tacos serving team, Nom Nom Truck. The Great Food Truck Race rewarded the winner team Grill ‘Em All with the $50,000 grand prize. On September 19, 2010, The Great Food Truck Race Episode 6 “New York State of Mind” aired at 9:00 PM ET/PT on Food Network.

At the starting of the Food Network’s reality show, there are seven specialty food trucks participated for racing up to six weeks in various cities. The Seven teams included Austin Daily Press, Crepes Bonaparte, Grill ‘Em All, Nana Queens, Nom Nom Truck, Ragin’ Cajun, and Spencer on the Go.

The show started in the in Los Angeles aka Food Truck Central and ended in New York City. The main aim of the participated team was that to earn more money by selling their food and the more money earner team wins the competition and advances to the next city. The team also wins a round fare trip back to the city of which they won. The teams that earn lowest money and do not hold immunity they are eliminated from the competition. The final competition winner wins $50,000 grand prize. Tyler Florence hosts the show with chef and Food Network fixture.

After completing the five episodes, there were two teams remained for the final episode including Vietnamese sandwiches and tacos serving team “Nom Nom Truck” and gourmet hamburgers serving team “Grill ‘Em All”.

When the final episode start, the Nom Nom Truck faced a tough crowd outside Yankee Stadium in the Bronx and Grill ‘Em All earned their money hastily from outside a sports bar and blazed on to Queens. Then on the next day, the Nom Nom team was trying hard to convene their $500 quota before moving on and getting a break. On the other side, when Grill ‘Em All team came in Manhattan, the last of the five areas in the challenge, host Tyler Florence called to close down business for the night.

Next day got a unique twist with the Nom Noms creating Asian-inspired burgers and the Grillers trying their skills with Vietnamese Bánh mi. Fortunately, the Nom Noms win the challenge, skip Staten Island, the fourth area in the challenge and move on to convene with Grill ‘Em All in Manhattan. Even though the Nom Noms chance, the Grillers earned $1,000 first and raced to then the team was received $50,000 check.

The Great Food Truck Race – Season Finale 9/19 video from Youtube:


  1. Mike says:

    The judging of this show seriously needs to be evaluated. Grill ‘Em All almost lost every show, was nearly last in the money every time, but NomNom won every show, made their $1000 and left the scene before GEA even counted their money…. And NomNom looses the show???

    I’ll never watch this show again if something doesn’t change. Tyler, you should be ashamed that you are associated with such a farce! I always thought you were a better celebrity than that. Guess I was wrong.

  2. Sara Jane says:

    I agree with Mike! I think there is something going on here. Like they made sure Grill “Em All won cause they thought it would make better TV. That is crap!

  3. Tony says:

    I also agree with Mike…. maaan Nom Nom lost…. I was really hoping for the asains to win…. o wells atleast they won on the other episodes. maybe this episode was just unlucky for them….. Good job Nom Nom… Thanx for representing asain all around!

  4. Sara says:

    @ Mike, Sara Jane, and Tony: Nom nom got into a car accident. They hit another car, so that cost them the race.

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