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Posted by on Sep 25, 2010 | Leave a Comment, is popular social networking website in the world where one can find a new friend. To attract US high school students, it was initially launched but has since opened to people from all over the world. To build and customize profiles, send messages, leave comments, post bulletins, customize status, browse photos, watch videos, play games, give gifts, give tags, chat and make friends with Tagged users can choose. When it comes to signing up new users, Tagged is antagonistic., login,, Tagged login, Tagged

Countries like Qatar have decided to ban the website after receiving numerous complaints from the web users. At the time of registration users are strongly encouraged to invite their entire address book as friends during the login process. If you use the invite feature and give them your password to all contacts in your address book will be sent an email saying they have been “tagged“.

Interested person can logged in just by entering ‘User ID’ and ‘Password’ and if he/she is not registered then one should fill the given below blanks like ‘First Name’, ‘Last Name’, ‘Gender’, ‘Birthdate’, ‘Country’, ‘City’, ‘Language’, ‘Email Address’, ‘Password’.

Good and Bad review of

Tagged is one of the fastest growing social networks. It means they will provide plenty of opportunity to create a community of friends and meet new people. Tagged provides a fun atmosphere with the ability to customize your profile, write on walls and tag friends with pictures.

Tagged also has a growing number of applications and game like Mafia Wars, a game where you become a Mafia Don and gather together a gang of thugs.

Tagged also has a complicated design which can make it difficult to navigate and a confusing registration process that can end in a never-ending loop asking for personal information. The need to ask for a street address and mobile phone number is also of concern.

Tagged has been overrun with spam bots that grab user profile information and spam user walls. These spam bots can also lead to more inbox spam.

Tagged is known for sending multiple emails to a member’s address book, spamming friends and family with invites. By far the biggest complaint about Tagged is their behavior in sending out email spam.

Features of

  • Users can share images and videos with the members of the website.
  • Includes user-friendly interface to allow users to enjoy social networking platforms.
  • Lets users to play games and watch videos.
  • Incorporates an advanced search engine to help users in searching out members of the website.
  • Allows users to add third-party widgets to impart impressive looks to their profile.

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