Researcher‎ Says UFO Over Chinese Airport will Appear Again

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Again, on 11th September, 2010 air traffic controllers saw UFOs (Unidentified Flying Object) buzzing at the airport. Due to this, Chinese airport was closed for over an hour last month and other flights were reportedly directed to circle the airport until the UFO disappeared. Since June, it has been reported in China eighth time.

Observers saw a bright light shining in the sky which is close to Baotou airport, Inner Mongolia but the traffic controllers at the Hohhot Air Traffic Management Bureau spotted the object on their radar. The object and the lights suddenly gone after about an hour and passenger jets were allowed to land. On previous occasions, the Chinese government had said that the lights claimed to be UFOs were military exercises, but the government denied the 11th September, 2010 incident happened at all.


The Chinese government is understandably quiet about the UFO. But, many are wondering if it is really a “Secret military aircraft” which would make people nervous, I would think. As per the UK Telegraph reports, a couple of planes had to circle the airport to avoid the UFO. Many alien and military aficionados are excited about the most recent sighting.

The world’s sole superpower and dented the economic teeth of its European allies has been weakened by the recent economic crisis in the US and the West. However, the economic boom in China remains as strong as ever and this has become a balancing factor between the equations that was heavily tilted for the US so far. As per recent studies, the majority are observations of some real but conventional objects like aircraft, balloons, or astronomical objects such as meteors or bright planet that have been misidentified by the observer as anomalies. In the strictest sense, a small 5 to 20% of reported sightings are classified as Unidentified Flying Objects.

Wang Sichao, a researcher at the Purple Mountain Observatory (PMO) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province says that UFOs are much visible nowadays than usual. A research was conducted by Wang about related sightings for the past 40 years. As per his predictions many UFO sightings are going to come out in China in the next two years. He says that through the years of research and investigation, he hypothesized that UFO events happen in years ending with the numbers 1, 2 or 7—such as 1971, 1981, 1991, 1982, 1992, 2002, 1977, 1987, and 2007. Thus, he thinks that “2011 and 2012 will be another two active years.”

The news of UFO sightings has been repeatedly heard for the last more than 63 years. But the recent development of them being sighted with a difference of merely two days is very vital indeed. Over the nature of the UFOs, United States and Russian scientists must have been feeling uneasy as speculations mount.

The American public was awakened to the possibility of extraterrestrial visitation of Earth after the reports of New Mexico of a crashed alien spacecraft in the year 1947. Throughout the U.S., the craze spawned hundreds of sightings, some excellent and many not very good movies, scrutiny by the military, scientific inquiry, and popular speculation. The debate has raged as to the nature and source of these unidentified craft in the intervening decades.

Video of UFO causes airport shutdown Baotou, Mongolia from YouTube:

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