Paul The Octopus dead – Just a Hoax

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No news could confirm that Paul The Octopus has died, but he has actually been receiving death threats after he predicted Spain to emerge as winner in its semifinal match with Germany and much more now that Germany has exited in the World Cup 2010.

paul the octopus dead, paul the octopus

Paul The Octopus doing it's magic

If Germans and the Argentins hate Paul, the Spanish people love him for his predictions. Some people from Germany have been hating him a lot, and wants to kill him, put in a pan and then fry.

Even before the Germans want Paul to vanish, the Argentine people already wanted to make him into a “paella” and eat him after he predicted Argentina losing to Germany during the World Cup 2010 Quarter Finals.

Now the Germans are out they will probably torture that poor Octopus to death. So here’s to the Movement Save Paul The Octopus LOL JK kill that damn octopus for predicting a Spain win.

A psychic octopus predicting football matches correctly, I have no idea what’s happening. May God save us all and also Good Luck to Holland in the final hoping they come through. 3 finals and lost them all it’s their time to shine, Hup Holland Hup! Also Well done to Germany for giving us the best memories of the tournament and kicking the two most hated teams out of the World Cup.


  1. Joachim says:

    Typical poor sportsmanship from Germany.

    Save Paul Funny video on YouTube.

    If the link doesnt work, go to youtube and type in
    save paul octopus germany

  2. Joachim hater says:

    get a grip no hair balls

  3. neil says:

    guys save him ….he is a wonderful creature…..

  4. neil says:

    guys save him ….he is a wonderful creature…..he has to be saved !!!

  5. praveen says:

    guys save him ….he is a wonderful creature…..

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