Now Say ‘I Can Read Wikipedia’ with Upvise Wikipedia

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With the mobile application Upvise Wikipedia v3.1 you can read Wikipedia on your mobile. So install Upvise Wikipedia v3.1 in your smartphone and say “I Can Read Wikipedia” mean starts read Wikipedia websites’s article anytime any where you are.

That’s where a quick access app like Upvise Wikipedia comes into its own. It allows you to tap a word or phrase into your handset and automatically takes you to the relevant page(s) on the Wikipedia site.

The latest Version 2.5.1 takes up just 260KB of your onboard memory and it’s certainly quick. Even with a bog standard 3G network connection, each of our searches typically took 20-30 seconds to return a page for us to explore. This is about the same as Wikipedia’s mobile site at, though still about twice as fast as using the standard Wikipedia site.

Upvise Wikipedia Features

  • My Articles: Star an article to save it and easily go back to all your starred articles.
  • Search: Type in a word and get the corresponding Wikipedia article with a table of contents and the full text of each section.
  • Multi Language support: you can search the Wikipedia Database in the following languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Dutch
  • Hyperlinks: You can click on the links embedded in articles to download other articles.
  • Web Account Synchronization of your Starred articles: All your starred articles are synchronized with your web account. You can manage and read them on your desktop as well.
  • Optimal reading experience: Choose between 3 different font sizes, and use page by page formatting for an optimal reading experience
  • Bandwith optimization: All article downloads are compressed in order to optimize your bandwidth usage

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