Motorola NYXboard QWERTY remote control unveiled by Motorola

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Again Motorola unveiled the NYXboard QWERTY Remote control that’s why Motorola has been known to come up with devices to complement their line of cable television set-top boxes.

Motorola, high tech company, generally has been busy with their smartphones but it does have arms extending into many other business lines. If you are the type who invests heavily in home theater equipment and entertainment then this new Motorola remote control is a handy controller to have in your living room especially.

The NYXboard remote control features a QWERTY keyboard that located at its rear side and a standard cable box remote on the front. The NYXboard remote control offers home theater consumers better navigation and control as far as their media and peripherals are concerned so it should be a great alternative or replacement for the TiVo Slide.

It is not declared yet that when the NYXboard remote will become available although many predict it to come by the end of the year but its release may very well be left at the hands of the cable TV providers. If you are a heavy texter who has been so used to the QWERTY of a smartphone then it shall make you productive in controlling your TV set and set-top box.

The NYXgreen remote is powered by super capacitors, a greener option then batteries. It can last for up to two weeks of use after charging via USB for just 60 seconds and the high quality mid-range M-TREM and MRCU180-BL remotes, adding backlighting to the buttons on this popular unit.

Vice president and general manager EMEA & Asia Pacific consumer premise equipment of Motorola Mobility, Keith Kelley said “Motorola’s latest RCUs are the perfect accessories for the Internet Era of TV, where consumers must find relevant content in the infinite catalog of entertainment. Whether they want a device boasting style, innovation or environmental efficiency, Motorola has a solution to meet their needs”

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