Leonard Shafer of Pawn Stars

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Recently, people are searching a another hoax news on internet that Leonard Shafer of Pawn Stars. This is a very huge story that mean really huge confusing. Some people are saying that they have discovered the internet anxiously and have found nothing in that name.

Leonard Shafer of Pawn Stars

Leonard E. “Gus” Shafer was born on 23rd January, 1907 on a farm southwest of Hoisington, Kansas. He is a son of the Kansas prairie. A Farm hand named “Ancient Ben” trained him to hunt, trap and ride. Shafer felt that the influence of Ancient Ben and his grandfather caused him to have such interest in the Ancient West. , Shafer learned to draw, while attending a small one-room schoolhouse.

After graduation from Hoisington High School in 1925, he attended Grinnell College in Iowa and Kansas State Teachers Col. Currently, he is the chairman of the Board of Surgical care Affiliates, LLC, which is a surgical services company, formed in 2007. He is also successful business person and because of some unidentified reasons, his name has come to the fore front today.

“Leonard Shafer” appeared strangely in the internet but  you will never be flabbergasted if you listened or saw his name in Pawn Stars. The gist of the video says, “The past of the man was that he was slave and the future is that he will be a robot.” It is a fact that around 600,000 people have watched the video in the last 2 hours.

On the other hands, there are second hoax that he is already a dead man but no one can corroborate thus story for now. This might be a more clearer stuff that could recognize his personality, dead television personality who’s been in the big screens and television set of the past years.

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