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In the early ’90s, technology industrialist Larry Dean and his wife Lynda built their dream house in Georgia. Larry Dean created this massive home with 58 acres that include elaborate gardens. From several years, he has been trying to determine what to do with the home and surrounding property including suspended ideas for turning it into a subdivision with condos. Larry Dean priced and tagged roughly each possession at his former residence, a 32,000-square-foot mega-mansion appropriately called ‘Dean Gardens’.  Now, the mega-mansion was sold after sitting on the market for more than ten years.

On last Friday and Saturday, Golden’s Appraisal, Auction & Estate Services had opened the doors to Dean Gardens in north Fulton for the public to see and bargain hunt. Dean Gardens include two carriage house apartments, a caretakers cottage, wedding chapel, Asian tea garden, grass tennis courts, amphitheater, conservatory, lake and 18 hole golf course. Larry Dean and his first wife spent four years in Dean Gardens and the aforementioned $25 million building it before moving in with their four kids in 1992. Dean decided to pay a debt most all of the home’s contents after learning of the new owner’s plans to level the palatial estate.

As per the report of Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the property has been on and off the market for 15 years for prices ranging from $20 million to $40 million in comparison to the seems like a steal. Parts of the home’s architecture, the rotunda was inspired by Florence’s Brunelleschi Cathedral, Italy, also were up for bids at the weekend estate sale.

He collaborated with Atlanta-based organization Luminocity, which earned a portion of the profits to organize the estate sale. Luminocity is a group that plans to run state-of-the-art light shows in Atlanta, starting in late November, and representatives say some of its proceeds go to various local charities.

On Friday evening, the estate sale started with a semiformal cocktail party that terminated late Saturday afternoon with plenty of merchandise still available. The event drew more curious onlookers than serious buyers.

The self-made baron of Dean Gardens made his fortune in the early 1970s after starting a financial services software company. A neoclassical mansion for the nouveau-riche features 10 bathrooms and eight bedrooms. It is located on 58 acres of landscaped Italian and French gardens that rival that of Versailles. Soon after the completion of home, Dean was faced with operating costs ranging from $750,000 to $1 million a year. It’s the hefty maintenance that prompted Dean to sell what he calls his legacy.

During the 15 years his home was off and on the market, Dean had received several offers including one rumored to be from Michael Jackson. All the offers had been “flaky” until the one he accepted several weeks ago as said by Dean.

Though he could not reveal the details of neither the selling price nor the buyer, organizers say Dean took a heavy loss. Actor and filmmaker, Tyler Perry is the new owner and Perry plans to level the property to build a more energy efficient and sustainable residence.

An upbeat Dean mingled with shoppers and oglers in his former home throughout the event, accepting offers on everything from $10 demitasse espresso cups to a 24-karat gold sink for which he paid $88,000.

A thrice-divorced grandfather of eight, Dean says that he’s not sentimental about saying goodbye to anything, including the estate itself, and feels a sense of relief that he’ll be living there for only one more month.

Dean said, “I grew up in a house with four rooms the happiest kid you’ve ever seen. And now I want to go back to a four-room house.”

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    Espectacular, maravilloso, increible, simplemente un sueño que al ver esta maravilla parece eso un sueño y luego se desvanecera, sin embargo es una realidad que no puedes dejar de ver y de admirar, realmente ustedes los norteamericanos tienen gusto muy buen gusto y ademas dinero para costearse estos gustos, felicitaciones. Un par de dias atras vi el programa donde mostraron esta mansion o no se como llamarla definitivamente no hay palabras para describirla quede estupefacta, aunque tambien entiendo que es casi normal para personas de este linaje tener estas maravillas, a mi con el valor de una lampara colgante arreglaria mi pequeña casa que es como el tamaño de lo que para ustedes talvez es el baño con el vestidor, felicidades por disfrutar la vida de esa manera ojala todos tuviesemos la sabiduria de ustedes porque lograr tanto nos deja la verdad boquiabiertos, soy chilena y no se si aqui en chile existen maravillas como estas, una vez mas repito que esto es una maravilla y la gente que ahi vive ojala lo disfruten en familia y felices, un saludo desde Chile

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