Katja Puschnik – Girl Who Throws puppies in river

Posted by Vinay Sojitra on Sep 01, 2010 | 36 Comments

Right now there is a video circulating over the of a girl (Katja Puschnik) picking up month-old puppies and throwing them into a river.

Footage of awful case of animal cruelty has made its way online right now; a young woman in a red sweatshirt is seen throwing a number of puppies into a river one-by-one. There is no accurate information that who is the person doing such unkind acts, nor details where the event happened. Although some people have written Katja Puschnik as girl’s name but it is not confirmed yet.

The precise identities of the girl and the person behind the camera are unidentified; the girl speaks Croatian in the video. She perhaps has a account, based on assumption and she is 5ft 6in-5ft 8in, blond, eye color indefinite. She has somewhat written upside-down on her red sweater, hardly readable, might be of assistance if it’s the product of a local store.


Already a group called “Find the Girl Who Threw Puppies in River” has more than 2,300 followers. What do you assume? Why would someone do this? Why would someone post it on the ? What would you do if you come across a video portraying animal malice? You can share your thoughts here.

With chat forums and pages calling for her to be tracked down and punished, the video of a girl tossing half-a-dozen puppies into a river has sparked outrage online.

Read below the contact details about that wicked bitch that threw the puppies into the river.

Full Name: Katja Puschnik
Age: 19
School: Gymnasium Ottobrunn
Place of puppy throwing: Mangfall
Address: Münchener Straße.16b, 85653 Aying, Germany
Email adress: [email protected]
Telephone number (parents): +49 8095 1782

Raw Video: Girl THROWS PUPPIES in river video from youtube:

Video of Face of GIRL Who Throws Puppies In River! CRUELTY TO ANIMALS! from youtube:

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  1. Arianniah says:

    This Is Disgusting. Stupid Bitch Will Rott In Hell !!

  2. Ko_Ka says:

    Super intelligent journalism here, do you guys not know what libel is? Publish a girls name and address, that has been unconfirmed to commit this crime, just because a website like 4chan says it is her?

    Shame on you….

  3. arnuxii says:

    That is not the girl. Compare the photos, they are totally different people.

  4. Gordana says:

    Are you and absolute moron… publishing personal details on this girl who is not even responsible.. the video .. was made in Croatia.. you idiot.. not Germany……So if anything happens to this girl in Germany I hope you get your sued.. you moron…

  5. Asdfghjkl says:

    I hate people who think it’s alright to torture beings that are less powerful than them.

  6. Meeeeek says:

    Who cares, the stupid brat deserves all the harassment she gets.

  7. Guernica says:

    Whilst I agree that what the girl does in this video is wrong in every single way, and I appreciate that you are outraged enough to post about it…

    You should not broadcast the name and details of this girl simply because some idiot on 4chan claimed that she is the culprit, and everyone else ran with it. We all know that /b/tards aren’t exactly the most reliable source, this claim has no proof whatsoever, and you could be ruining some innocent girls’ life.

  8. David says:

    I find it more disgusting that you posted her full contact information for everyone to see. If it does turn up wrong, good luck with your conscience.

  9. Andreas says:

    I’m not sure that the girl on the photo is identical to the girl in the video. It seems to me that the girl on the photo has a larger nose and a hump on it. The nose of the girl in the video is smaller and has no hump on the nose.

  10. Kate says:

    Katja is a German girl in Germany the real culprit has been identified and she’s a Croatian girl with a Bosnian accent the location ad the river have even been identified.
    This poor girls details was spammed onto a youtube comments bit by an embittered [email protected] whom she turned down and put up her details for revenge. Please leave this poor girl along to anyone whose thinking of hounding her.

    This was posted earlier…
    According to many on 4chan this is a fake name but out by a loser wanting revenge. This girl is Croatian, not German. Someone even identified the stretch of river. And it’s really damaging if we spread the wrong name.

  11. JOSH says:

    I’m more curious on the person who is filming this.

  12. Andi Buchner says:

    The girl in the movie and in the computer room definetly is not Katja Puschnik. She looks completely different! But she seems to have serious enemies – hopefully stupid enough to be tracked back.

  13. Vicky says:

    These are deft two different girls, not only their noce are different but so is there hair and it is wrong to acuse an innocent girl simply for revenge. Now the girl in the video deserves a good beat down in jail to teach her a lesson or two DUMB ASS, poor innocent lil’ cute puppies.

  14. TropicBlueSky says:

    The girl in the video is NOT Katja P.
    Please delete thgis article.
    It’s slander and ruining an innocent girl’s life.

    Here’s a photo of the “real” Katja:
    she doesn’t look like the girl in the video at all.

  15. TropicBlueSky says:

    BTW: the girl in your photo is not Katja.

    It’s ”
    Alyssa Bustamante, seen here in a Facebook photo, the 15-year-old alleged killer of Elizabeth Olten, 9. Bustamante has been charged as an adult for her murder in Cole County, Mo.”

    Read more:;next#ixzz0yIws9EiO

  16. Professor says:

    Who gives a fuck about libel? Publish the fucking contact info–let the bitch get her head kicked in.

  17. Crockett says:

    Alright, I’m researching this whole Katja Puschnik thing from a school computer, so I’m a little limited as to what I can search and watch. I still haven’t seen the entire video. I saw a short portion of it at my girlfriend’s house last night. I saw her throw what looked like a puppy into a river, but then I saw her actually pick on up from the bucket and throw it, and at that point, I just couldn’t watch it. But, I’m going to watch it when I get home because that is so beyond messed up. If I had the power to make that person appear in front of me right now, if it really is Katja Puschnik or not, I would beat her senseless. I really would. For someone to be able to laugh at the fact that they have a helpless being’s life in their hands, and then end it. That is so psychotic. And this kind of thing happens everyday. Dropping live lobsters in a boiling pot of water? That’s just as messed up. Just because they aren’t as “cute” as puppies, doesn’t mean they have less feeling. I could rant all day if I wanted to, but the bell is about to ring, and I have to go to my next class, but that was my two cents.

  18. TropicBlueSky says:

    Not even CBS or PETA believe that this happened at the Mangfall river but at Vrbas River, which runs through Bosnia and Herzegovina.
    If the location is wrong by a few thousand km, how about removing the name of an probably innocent person?

  19. JACK says:

    That’s not Katja Puschnik. They look nothing alike. I think Vinay Sojitra has a high school enemy or a grudge agaisnt Katja Puschnik and is trying to humiliate an innocent person.

  20. carl says:

    look at girl in comp room scroll down look at second video clip image
    some people will believe and then re tell anything even when the oppposite is plain to SEE!
    poor girl
    you lot should be ashamed

  21. Burch says:

    So, just name some people because some cunt on 4chan said so.

    Forget any likely consequences.

    You should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself.

  22. Cait says:

    Dude, nose isn’t right, face shape isn’t right, even her EYEBROWS aren’t right. Take this article off before you get sued.
    I can’t WAIT to see what her parents will do to you. I bet she’ll get a great college education though, with all the money they’ll pull out of you.

  23. Tuga says:

    This is not the girl. Stop this. That photo is from a murder girl who kill is sister I think. But one thing i can tell you. THAT IS NOT THE GIRL.

  24. Stef says:

    god I would torture her , cut of her hands and legs and break her bones one by one , fuckin bitch

  25. Stef says:

    I just want to ask this to the people who want to kill her:
    So, are you advocating attempted murder?
    You are insighting? Recommending assult, attempted murder, or indeed murder?

    Or is it just an execution sanctioned by animal rights activists and therefore should be legal?
    This woman did break the law but she will be FINED for her cruel acts.. Not murdered by the Internet and death threats.

  26. Stef says:

    Also, for the adress that these people have given… It’s not confirmed! What if it’s from an innocent person? I have been to Munich, Germany, and munchen strase in deutschland? Who the ficken made that up? She lives near Munich? Explain….

  27. debina says:

    i think the child should be court ordered to see a phychologist…who in there right ming would do something like this…i also think the idiot who filmed this viedo should be court ordered to make a donation to an animal rescue shelter…and last but not least i think her parents should also be help accountiable for there childs actions…and if they say they didnt know there child was doing stuff like this…well thats to bad because ignorance is not an excuss !!

  28. rina says:

    There are much more horrible acts of animal cruelty millions of times every day, all across the world.

  29. jeni says:

    yeah, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t care about this incident

  30. Judora says:

    Come on, its been confirmed that this girl IS NOT THE ONE. Stop ruining her life. Take her information off the site and publish a retraction please.

    Puppy Tosser Busted, She is Not Katja Puschnik.

    By Alan Harten on September 3, 2010

    Police in the Bosnian town of Bugojno told the press on Friday that they have found the girl who was videoed tossing puppies into a river. They said she was located after they followed up on a number of tips given to them by animal rights’ groups.

    The girl they say is a juvenile, and as such they are not about to release her name. Police say they will be questioning the girl’s parents about the incident.

  31. Stranger says:


  32. Marius says:

    She doesn’t know what it feels drowning on a running river.. Example, i’ll be the girl and she would be the puppy. Of course, she would say in her mind “Please don’t throw me. I want to LIVE LONGER”. She is so so very mean and harsh. If I would be the police, I would suggest to my men to kill her. NO MATTER WHAT HAPPEN, I WANT HER TO DIE !!!!!

  33. LangersinMunich says:

    Definately not the Mangfall River as I live in the area and definately not Katja, as I know her by face.

  34. MARY says:

    That’s the Bustamante girl from the U.S., why is HER picture underneath the video? That Bustamante girls is responsible for killing a little girl and has nothing to with it. WTF is going on here? Why create so much confusion???? It’s VERY irresponsible.

  35. It's not her says:

    That’s not her. yes cheek bones are wide but forehead is wrong, and skin is wrong.

    If the little fat girl in the bottom pictures dies from this. I have screen capped your page already and submitted it. What you have here is a website that influences stalking.

    Kind of predatory Vigilantist.

  36. Steve Webb says:

    She’s Croatian not German. I hope you do get sued you f***ing libelous idiot.

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