‘Justin Bieber molest fans’ Hoax still Continue

Posted by Vinay Sojitra on Jul 27, 2010 | 1 Comment

The hoax or a rumor that ‘Justin Bieber molest fans’ was spreaded after the photo of Justin Bieber from the filming of the series CSI was posted on his Twitter profile. The photo on Justin Bieber’s twitter profile shows Justin Bieber handcuffed, but still well suited as given below.

It was new rumor about Justin Bieber under “Justin Bieber Molests Fan” becomes so trendy that even far up in Google Trends but in short time it became #1 in Google trends.

Fact is, Justin Bieber has not molested any fan, no syphilis, is still alive and is not converted to Scientology. The young 16 year old singer Justin Bieber, as many probably already know, participate in one episode of CSI as a guest star and had published the photo of himself handcuffed themselves via Twitter.

In the day of shooting, popular singers Justin Bieber called himself a “bad type”.

On the TV debut of a newcomer, young singer Justin Bieber looking forward to many fans.

The rumor about the molesting of a fan (Justin Bieber Fan Molests) was created only a few minutes after Justin Bieber had even published a photo of himself in handcuffs. This is Justin Bieber knows with such rumors (Hoax) quite well, as was the case last month could be heard that Justin should be changed to Bieber Scientology.

Of course, all these Internet rumors voted to singer Justin Bieber, and you should be current rather curious to see how Justin Bieber will master his voice broke and is going through puberty.


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    he did it and i refuse to not bealive it

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