John Bolz’s car accident showed on white collar tv show

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john bolz car accident, john bolz white collarJohn Bolz is a 39-year-old Mineola man who was killed Monday night when his car overturned in Laurel Hollow. John Bolz was pronounced dead at the scene. The single-car accident happened at 8:43 p.m. on the eastbound lane just east of Shady Lane, according to police and fire reports.

Nassau County Police and Syosset Fire Department volunteers responded to the accident, next to 505 Cold Spring Rd. 

Bolz’ body was transferred to the Medical Examiner Office, and the vehicle was impounded for a safety check.

John Bolz was nearing his home in Lloyd’s Neck after a long work day as a ‘grip’ on a NY production. He was a member of IATSE (International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees) Local#52 NYC. John Bolz is survived by his parents, John and Cathy Bolz; his sister, Teresa Bolz; and 2 young sons, Derek and Connnor.


  1. J Rodgers says:

    The show was dedicated to Bolz; the accident was not shown on the show.

  2. j. Cominotto says:

    My Goodness, how winding of a road was he on? And how fast was he driving? I’m assuming he didn’t have a history of alcohol or drug use, since they are pulling his car for a safety check, because it would seem one of those would have to be in play for a car to be that damaged. I prey he didn’t suffer and that his children and family remember how much joy he gave to so many with his job.

  3. sjj says:

    What show was he on and who did he play? Also, I think it’s rude to assume alcohol or drugs were involved when we don’t know.

  4. scott says:

    he was the grip operator for a new york production company so im guessing white collar was not the only show he worked for but there the one who gave him the rememberance

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