Is Scam or Legit? – Review of PTC site

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Treasure Trooper is a PTC site where supposedly you can earn money by doing some easy stuff like completing surveys and playing games. Find out here whether the site is legitimate or it’s just a scam.

Treasure Trooper is very popular PTC site that has been online for many years. There are literally countless ways to make some extra bucks on this site such as paid surveys, tasks, offers, contests, games, shopping, cash calls, referrals, etc. And the safari jungle theme of the site makes it even more interesting and fascinating. Launched back in the year 2005, Treasure Trooper claims to have paid more than $6,000,000 to its members! Even though, they accept members from all nations, most of its offers are exclusively targeted towards the residents of Canada, USA and UK residents.

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How to make money online with Treasure Trooper

Complete Offers

One of the key methods of earning money on Treasure Trooper is to complete various offers. They have hundreds of exciting offers and most of them are FREE as well. You can get paid with real money for filling out forms, performing searches, sampling various products, and other such easy things. According to their website, you can earn anywhere from $.50 to $50 for completing one offer.

Paid Surveys

On Treasure Trooper, the cash surveys are categorized into three different sections, namely survey seeker, studies storm and daily surveys. The survey seeker is the private survey panel of the site where you’ll find over 10 surveys at a time, while the Study Storm section contains a number of 3rd party surveys that you can complete every day. Last but not the least, the daily surveys section offers around 8 surveys everyday worth up to $1 each!

Play Games

Play mini-games to get rewarded with pearls, discover treasures, find gold coins and redeem them at the Mabuto’s Trading Hut for some exciting prizes such as gift cards, iPods, Xbox 360s and many more! Besides these games, there are many contests too that give gold coins as rewards.

Refer a friend

Treasure Trooper also has one of the highest paying affiliate programs out there. Invite your friends to this site and get 20% of what they earn and 5% from your second level referrals! For instance, if your referral makes $10 by completing offers, you’ll get a bonus of $2 dollars and if your referral’s referral makes $10, you’ll earn $50. Thus, the earning potential with this method is really unlimited!

Shop Online

The site provides a list of online merchants with whom they have a tie-up. These online stores will offer you cashback upon purchasing stuff from them.

So, how the site actually works?

One of the best things about Treasure Trooper is that it’s absolutely free to join and will never cost you a dime to participate. All you have to do is follow some basic sign up steps to create an account! And when you login to your Treasure Trooper account for the first time, you’ll notice that your account already has been credited with $3 (the signup bonus)!

You can now start making money with Treasure Trooper by completing some offers. Once you complete an offer or task, click on a button titled “Done” in order to indicate its completion. The offer will then be moved to ‘Pending Offers’ section (on ‘My Treasure’ tab) to await verification. This could take anywhere between 3 days to 4 weeks.

As and when the offers are verified, they’re moved from the ‘Pending Offers’ page to the ‘Approved Offers’ page and in no time the cash rewards will be deposited to your earnings on ‘My Treasure’ page.

Another great thing about the site is that it pays by PayPal and check. And in order to be eligible to receive payment you only need to have $20! In case, if you didn’t reach the payout threshold, your earnings will carry over to the next month. You can either request an Instant Payment of your earnings or you can wait and get paid automatically on or around 20th of every month.

Is Treasure Trooper scam or legit?

Treasure Trooper is 100% legit and absolutely safe to use. It’s indeed a reliable PTC site to make money online. It offers a lot of money making opportunities that are especially perfect for those who love to have fun and play games. Although you may not get rich with Treasure Trooper, it will help you earn a decent amount of cash by doing some easy stuff online.

There’s no need to worry about the genuineness of the site. At Treasure Trooper, some of its members have posted the proof of their payment. Plus, the site has a highly active user forum where its members can easily interact with other members and their staff! This clearly shows that Treasure Trooper is not a gimmick or scam.

Moreover, this site is 100% free. It means No fees, No charges and No obligations. So, you can try it out without any hesitation. If you don’t find the site interesting, you can deactivate your account anytime with no penalties or nagging emails!

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