I like it on the Couch, Floor, Desk & Kitchen Counter – What Does it Mean?

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“I like it on the couch,” “I Like it on the floor,” “I like it on the desk,” and “I like it on the counter” are Facebook status updates that popping up like wildfire. These updates are being posted by females throughout the world and you may have seen some of these updates. But, what does it mean?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and the “I like it on” phenomenon is the latest example of cause awareness on Facebook. Women update their facebook status in this manner as an attempt to unite around the goal of breast cancer awareness in a very secret way.

The word “it” in the “I like it on” trend refers to the resting place for their purse, according to some people. So, the meaning of status is purposefully unclear and intriguing in order to attract attention to breast cancer awareness. Literally, the idea is just to leave men in the dark.

To help bring awareness to breast cancer awareness month (October), last 2 years members of Facebook seem to take it upon themselves. Less than a year ago, Facebook’s female members decided to write the color of their underwear as their status update in support of raising breast cancer awareness. Another famous viral status update “Sometimes I just want to copy,” was also spread on both Twitter and Facebook.

Current year, things went a little different. Females are posting their Facebook statuses where they like to put their purses in place of posting their underwear colors. The context of the posts actually doesn’t excel through though, and it appears to most people who have no idea what the heck is going one. So, females are posting where they prefer to do the nasty.

Every year over half a million deaths occur worldwide due to breast cancer. Breast cancer is responsible for over 7% of all cancer related deaths on the planet. It is great to see the Facebook trend this year go viral as well because it will expectantly be reminiscent for women throughout the world to get check.

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