How to check Costco Paystub on

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Earlier the employees used to get their salaries in cash, accompanied by a handwritten sheet of paper that constituted the details of the payment. After that, it was time of the printed paystubs, in which total salary including the taxes, funds and any other details were displayed. And now, many companies are providing the online access to paystubs for their employees. These pay stubs are often used as a communication tool, with details about events and the deductions for taxes, insurance and benefits. Are you an employee at Costco? Then, you will be delighted to know that the company also provides online paystubs to the employees. So, you can now access your paystub anywhere and anytime.

How to check costco paystub on

Costco Wholesale Corporation is the 7th largest retail company across the globe. Costco employs around 142,000 full and part-time employees including the seasonal workers. As of September 2009, there were 55 million members in Costco. The company was established in Kirkland, Washington in the year 1983 with its first warehouse near Seattle. Costco has the headquarters in Issaquah, Washington, United States. Today, Costco has locations in the UK, US, Japan, Australia, Canada, Taiwan, South Korea and Mexico. This Washington based company pays amongst the highest wages in the retail industry. A fresh employee working at a warehouse starts with an hourly income of no less than 10 US Dollars. After 4 years with the company, a cashier can get around 44,000 dollars with the included bonuses.

Apart from a big salary, the company also offers various types of benefits to its employees. Costco’s health-care benefits are available to most of its employees. The Costco Employee Benefits Program includes many benefit programs from Health Care to Gym Memberships. The program works to provide the employees and their families with the resources that they need to stay healthy.

Your Health benefits:

These benefits provide Medical, Mental, Dental, Substance Abuse, Pharmacy, Vision and Hearing Aid coverage. These benefits offer a coverage that helps the employees and their families an affordable and quality health care coverage. An employee who are enrolled in the medical plan, can be automatically covered under the prescription drug, vision, mental health and substance abuse plans also without paying any extra charge.

Your Wealth:

It helps employee in finding out more about the Stock Purchase Plan, 401(k) Plan or just basic money management information. The employees can get benefit from the tools and resources that help using the money in the best way. Here the employees will also get more information about how to manage the Employee Stock Purchase Plan, Costco 401(k) Plan, Life Insurance Plan and daily events that affect the finances.

Live Healthy:

These are composed of tools and resources that help the employees with their personal wellness and improve or maintain their health.

More Costco Benefits:

Apart from the Health based benefits, the company also offers Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Dismemberment Insurance and Long Term Care Insurance and Accidental Death.
The employees can enroll in any of the benefit programs and even change their existing benefit program. A User ID (6 digit employee number) and PIN (Last 4 digits of the Social Security Number) is required for login and enrolling for a benefit program or to change it.

In order to check your Costco paystub follow the given steps:

  • Go to the Costco Employee Website.
  • Click Pay Stubs to get your login page.
  • Enter your employee number (6 digits) and click ‘Continue’.
  • Now, follow the upcoming links and directions to check your paystub and to manage your account.

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