How to activate Best Buy Reward account at

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If you are not a member of Best Buy Reward Zone online account and already a card member then visit to activate Best Buy Reward online account and take benefits of Best Buy Reward program.

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How to activate Best Buy Reward account at

The shoppers of the Best Buy are very satisfied with the shopping environment. The Best Buy is absolutely a broadly welcomed online marketing place and attractive for numerous online shoppers. You can not only shop your most satisfactory items, but also enjoy overall service to experience the pleasant shopping environment. Lots of people tend to shop at Best Buy.

With a Best Buy card, you can get easiness of shopping. By this card, you can receive rewards as you pay your purchase with a Best Buy card. Activate your account on this website. Overall online services are provided for card holders so activate your personal account on this website., this website is for the Best Buy reward zone card activation. It depends on whether you have a receipt, a Reward Zone Program card or a Reward Zone Program Master card, or a Reward Zone Program Master card which are located in different place. And if you have card with you then check Reward Zone member ID at the back of your card. If you are a member and having a Best Buy receipt, then you are able to see a label call Reward Zone Serial number on your receipt and the number that is given after that, is your member ID.

You will be required to enter your member ID, Phone and zip code at

How the Reward Zone Program Works:

Make purchase:

Earn points for every dollar that you have spent at Best Buy® stores,®, and through Reward Zone partners. In store while shopping you have to show your Reward Zone membership card or provide your phone number while checkout. Point accumulation rates depend on member status.

Points post in approximately 35 days:

You can see your points as “pending” following the transaction. In this time, you are allowed for product returns and exchanges. To your account, points are posted in approximately 35 days from the transaction date. Points are eligible for use toward reward certificates if once posted.

Print certificates at

When 250 points have posted to your account then a $5 reward certificate will be issued if you don’t select a different certificate preference level. Your certificate will automatically issued, corresponding points will be deducted and sent to you an e-mail when the certificate becomes available for printing on generally 3 to 5 days from the issuance date.

Shop again:

You can spend your reward certificates toward the shop of almost any product or service at Best Buy® stores and®. The purchase amount should be equal to or more than the value of the reward certificate.

Benefits of Reward Zone program:

  • You will have not to pay any fees and also no fees to continue.
  • Get the benefits of valuable online offers and earn points for purchases from a range of Reward Zone program partners as well.
  • Earn one point for nearly every $1 on spending at Best Buy or Your points can be used to redeem reward certificates which can be used toward the purchase of nearly any product or service in store or online.
  • Special bonus point offers
  • Special welcome offers
  • Points earned at all Best Buy stores and
  • Receive reward certificate notification via e-mail and print certificates online at
  • Choice of reward threshold at $5, $10 or $20
  • Online access to your account at – for tracking points, adding points from past purchases and seeing exclusive offers
  • At 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, manage your account, check your points, and check special offers and exclusives online.

Accumulating Points:

See how many points, both standard and bonus points, you can earn for nearly every dollar spent on eligible purchases in given table.

Points earned per dollar spent on qualifying purchases: Reward Zone® members Premier Silver members RZMC cardmembers* RZMC Premier Silver cardmembers**
at Best Buy® or® 1 1.25 2 2.5
at other qualifying retailers 0 0 0.5 0.5
on dining and groceries 0 0 1 1


  1. Andrew H. Beyer says:

    I am trying to activate our Best Buy Reward Zone. We don’t seem to be having luck doing so.

  2. Mary Austin says:

    I am trying to activate my Best Buy Rewards card

  3. glenn latimer says:

    I am also having trouble getting My Best Buy Rewards card

  4. Glenn Latimer says:

    I think this is a great free bonus deal.

  5. Richard Jump says:

    I am trying to activate my BestBuy Rewards card

  6. sheri garcia says:

    I cant avtivate mt card

  7. Debra Soran says:

    can’t activate your reward zone card

  8. Joseph Valdo says:

    I haven’nt the slightest idea on how to mark my points and I already spent over 800 dollars in 3 days and I asked them to do it for me since I’m not a learned person and what they told that it’s real easy. We only have 30 days to do this. Anybody out there that can help?

  9. Doyle Pelfrey says:

    I just found 8 other online unhappy people.

  10. J.Noto says:

    Can’t activate card. I tried several times

  11. Deveta Moore says:

    Same here have tried several times to activate this card. With no luck!!!!! I must agree this seems to be pretty bogus

  12. jim baker says:

    For a Company who is supposed to be in the business of 1. providing service, and 2. operating in the technical arena, you would think that best buy could manage a website where you could register for your rewards program. By the comments prior to mine – apparently not. By the way,it is impossible to get off of your e-mail list. PLEASE skip my registration and get me off of your e-mail list. thanks

  13. Ann P says:

    I have been trying to activate my account since I first shopped at Best Buy last August, I have spent almost $3,000.00 since then and I have tried several times to activate my account to no avail. What is the secret to activating my account?????

  14. rose says:

    this is nuts. a waste of time. should be a better way.
    I hope you read your comments. Should be done at the store, with purchase. Lots of luck !!!

  15. Dawn says:

    need to activate my rewards card and not having any luck,there has to be a better system to do this as this is definetly not working your way
    please help me as i don’t want to spend another hour on trying to get this done

  16. Iris A. B. BARNETT says:

    I can’t activate my rewardzone card.

  17. Gil says:

    Cannot activate card this is the stupidest thing i ever spend time trying to activate this card why bother offering if they can`t live up to their promo.i will not shop again in this store or more likely returned everything.

  18. shirley says:

    I’ve tried several times to find where to go to activate my rewardzone card.please tell me

  19. Tom says:

    I am giveing up tried to activate my card spend whole hour going from one site to another

  20. Michelle says:

    I lost my reward card so I had to get my membership # off my receipt. At Best Buy Reward Activation website I typed in my membership ID # and the additional information asked as email address and my email password ect. and it activated sucessfully. However, I couldn’t find the website to report my previous purchases in May to get points for.

  21. liz says:

    You have reams of information here and all I want to do is activate. I cannot figure out how to do that.

  22. stephanie l flynn says:

    it is very anoning trying to activate this card that i was give by a store employee i can not understand why this can not be done in the store if the company is doing the promotion of the reward card program

  23. Don Bouvet says:

    I have been trying to activate my bestbuy rewards and it wont let me

  24. M. Frank says:

    I am also one unhappy camper. I cannot print out a reward certificate that I am entitled to. What gives with Best Buy?

  25. JP Madigan says:

    I have worked with computers for many years, back when DOS system was used, with very few problems. In this program,no matter how I enter my password it “kicks”it out. Even after I received an Email from you saying the promblem was supposed to be fixwd. It still is NOT.

  26. tina says:

    Can’t activate rewardzone card. What’s up? Is this a bunch of hype?

  27. mike says:

    they purposely make it impossible to activate much like when you buy something with a rebate that never comes or a warranty thats not honored.

  28. Ed Knepper says:

    Can’t activate the reward zone card. How do I do this? What is the problem? Will you forward directions?

  29. debi ginnetti says:

    I have been trying to activate my rewards card after purchasing two Apple computers….I see from above comments that it is not me…perhaps you could contact me with how to make this happen. Thank you. Debi

  30. WillisHarrison says:

    I can not find the page to activate the card. We have bought a large television, and would like the discount.

  31. Hendrika Worley says:

    Can”t seem to activate my card ,please help

  32. bilal says:

    tried to activate my rewards but it dosent work ? can you tell me what do do ? thank you

  33. Sharon says:

    Also had trouble activating my card so I called Best Buy and had a very nice woman help me. You need to type in the address bar, do not do a search as you will get all kinds of links and not the one you need. This will bring you to the page needed to activate your card. It will ask for your membership number, phone #, and name. Typing in did not work for me but typing in, as suggested by the rep I spoke with, did work. Good luck.

  34. Mary Wells says:

    just trying to set up account
    should be as easy as going to web page and giving info. this is crazy

  35. Patricia Ford says:

    I have tried several times and cannot activate my card. I even tried calling customer service and they cant help. I asked if I could go into the store for help and was informed that they couldnt help as well. What good is this reward program if no one can activate it.

  36. Iris says:

    Where do I put my ID# to activate the rewards card. I’ll try what you suggested, Sharon….thanks

  37. Doris says:

    Hello everyone to enroll do as follows
    1..go to reward zone-best buy on reward zone
    3.. look to the right click on activate now

  38. James Mann says:

    how do i activate my reward zone

  39. roger jeffery says:

    how do I activate my $5.00 special offer card I received in the mail?

  40. al kish says:

    I have been trying since last july to get registered for the rewards program i have spent over 2500.00 dollars and I thought it was just my ignorance of computers but after reading everyone else;s comments I am not alone in thinking what a scam. I recently commented to Best Buts surveys and I sure hope they ask me again I will tell them what I really think about there rewards program SIGN UP, if any one at Best Buy in management reads this please comment on HOW DO WE GET TO REGISTER ??????????????????

  41. Barb says:

    Trying to activate my reward card. Impossible… How is it done???

  42. joseph wardell says:

    please contact me ..icannot activate my rewards

  43. Lin Nelson says:

    I can not activate my rewards card

  44. Phyllis Battiato says:

    Best Buy Rewards must be a.joke. I bought a major purchase there and they said to activate my account at They said –it’s easy!! It’s impossible. I tried several times on website–won’t go thru. I went to store to see if they could help. Couldn’t activate but sent me home with Best Buy Corporate telephone number. Called and got no humans but was disconnected twice. After 30 minutes and finally a human, gave up after the run around that they put me thru. My 30 days is almost up and they must be counting on that from the service I didn’ t receive! The word. Rewards.,sounds good but that’s all!!!!!

  45. Chad Cubbage says:

    If any of you bought more thinking u would get more back. you went for the oldest scam in the book… there’s nothing y or i can do but bad mouth best buy and never shop there again.

  46. Donna Benner says:

    Could activating a $5 off-next-purchase card that arrived in the mail unsolicited be made any more complicated??? One more reason not to shop at Best Buy! Who has time for this nonsense?

  47. Mrs Micou says:

    Joke is right!! Whats up best buy…is this rewards card a gimmick/fraud-what gives?? This not being able to activate card is really unfair to your customers especially those of us who spend quite a bit of $money$ on a regular basis shopping at Your STORES! Just saying….Please fix this problem

  48. Mrs Micou says:

    Joke is right!! Whats up Best Buy…is this rewards card a gimmick/fraud-what gives?? This not being able to activate card is really unfair to your customers especially those of us who spend quite a bit of $money$ on a regular basis shopping at Your STORES! Just saying….Please fix this problem (o-O)

  49. Joann Waters says:

    With so MANY PEOPLE having trouble activating their rewards card, I should think the company would re-do the site and make it easier. Or don’t they want to give out any rewards? This only turns people against Best Buy, so think about it.

  50. Deborah says:

    Just like everyone else, I can not activate my card. Why have a card if you can’t activate it. This is so ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!

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