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Create your account at to get access for every California government aid program for health, food and education with one click.

Every state and country is facing the economical crisis and it affect equally to citizens of countries as it effect to whole country. Many governments start different beneficial programs for their citizen to fulfill their family’s every need in worse economical circumstances. If you are living in the California, then you do not have to worry about fulfilling your family’s all basic needs. You will get all kind of help and information you are seeking for aid options, food and nutrition, medical services etc. Anyone can simply visit and get access to help on each of the essential topic a person need. If you are new to MyBenefits CalWIN and want to know how to use this beautiful service, then go through the article to get benefits of MyBenefits CalWIN.

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About MyBenefits CalWIN:

California government has established MyBenefits CalWIN in the year of 2005 to offer all-in-one place online access point for every citizen to get benefits from various government aid programs. It helps everyone to browse through various government aids program and access services from it without physically running from office to office. MyBenefits CalWIN has various categories like CalWORKS, Food Stamps, Medi-Cal, General Assistance, Foster Care and Employment Services. CalWIN program is open for more than 18 Californian counties to reach up to as many citizens as government can reach.

Being California citizen, you never have to have to be so much trembling with your family’s need when you can have quick access to cash aid, medical services, food stamp and more for free at MyBenefits CalWIN. Every legal resident of California is eligible to get certain benefits from the MyBenefits CalWIN service. Go through the below given steps to step guide to access various government aid programs.


  1. You must have proof of identity as a resident of California
  2. You must have good access to internet connection to resolve any of the errors due to poor connection
  3. A current and valid email id for communication

Steps to create account to get access for various California government aid programs:

  • Visit official site
  • Set your language preference for convenience
  • Now, select the button “MyBenefits CalWIN”
  • Click on MyBenefits CalWIN account
  • If you are already a member at MyBenefits CalWIN, then all you need to do is to enter username to continue check out various programs
  • If you are visiting site for first time, then click on the “Create a MyBenefits CalWIN account” option
  • Enter user name, password and retype it
  • Provide your email id, language, social security number, date of birth and submit all the details
  • You will get confirmation email on the email id you have submitted while creating account
  • Check out the email id to complete your enrollment process


  • It is free service
  • All-in-one place to get information about each California government aid program
  • 24×7 access to get details from trusted government portal

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